February 7, 2011

Coffee Date Video

This year I vow to make more videos and post them on my blog. Here is a little video Scott and I shot while out getting coffee. Note: We were both very tired, and may sound a little silly!



  1. you two are so cute.

    something in your smile reminds me of a very near and dear (but way too far away, friend of mine)

    keep doing videos. they're lovely.

  2. ha ha! you're so cute!! but, you make me NOT miss college at all. oh those days of tired, homework-laten nights. ugh. xoxox

  3. i love both of you. such a great match

  4. Pssst, your blog says you're 22... but your tumblr says you're 23. Just letting you know!

  5. Bird- Awwwh! Thank you so much for the sweet encouragement :]

    Erin- College is definitely rough, but I just know it will be so worth it!

    Cara-Mia: Thanks darling!

    Little- Awwh, thanks dear :] That really warms my heart to hear you say that.