February 24, 2011

The Coffee Shop's Sweet Treats

So I already told you that Scott and I grabbed some sweet treats from The Coffee Shop, but I didn't tell you what we got! That day they had so many goodies out, and I was so tempted to get not one, but two treats. However, I came to my senses and only got a lemon whoopie pie. Scott also got a berry coffee cake, and we shared a pomegranate iced tea.

Both Scott and I really enjoyed our treats. My lemon whoopie pie was amazing! I absolutely love anything with a lemon flavoring, and was so happy that they had a lemon treat out.

Our view from inside The Coffee Shop.

The Coffee Shops is one of my most favorite coffee and sweet shops in the Valley and I only wished I lived closer. I would be there every morning for a yummy latte and a scone before class.

What's your favorite coffee shop? What about sweet shop? Know of any good ones in Arizona?


  1. Hey Chelsea! Just stopping by to say that I adore your blog and I absolutely love everything lemon, too! (Except ACTUAL lemons strangely enough, haha. I just recently (today to be exact!) joined the blog world - Everything's not completely perfect yet but I hope that you'll stop by and check out my site!

  2. looks like a really cute place. i love the exposed piping and beams in the ceiling. also, wicked moped out front!! :)

  3. The ceiling in there looks really neat! I love flavored iced teas.

  4. Lemon whoopie pie?!! You have to be kidding me. Thanks so much for posting about The Coffee Shop- I'm super psyched to go check it out. Whoopie pies seem to be in vogue these days, which is awesome because my grandma used to make them and call them "gobs". Oh man, thanks again!!!

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