February 10, 2011

Dressed Up and In Line

The other day I did a little interview with a bright journalism student from my school. I decided to wear something a little more professional looking than my regular jeans and cardigans that have been ruling my life lately.

Grey cardigan: Target?; Polka dot cardigan: J Crew: Dress: Nick and Mo; Rubine tights: c/o We Love Colors; Boots: Cole Haan

Lately I've felt like I've been in a jeans rut. I haven't been wearing dresses, but preferring to opt out for a comfy pair of skinny jeans and a cardigan for my long days at school (and every other day for that). I really want to only wear jeans maybe three times a week, so I'm definitely going to have to try and stretch my dresses and skirts collection until I can purchase a few more pieces that will make this transition easier.

This week I am fairly busy with school, and writing. I'm also in the midsts of applying for grad school! Oh my! I do have plans for a few fun mini photoshoots around town though, and also attending a free concert on the ASU campus on Friday.

I can't believe Valentine's Day is so, so close. I still need to get all my valentines together!

Do you still give out Valentine's Day?


  1. love your outfit! dresses are my favorite to wear...i almost never wear jeans!

  2. pretty! Really want some tights like that.

  3. I love your cardigans :D

    & dresses and skirts are my favorite. I shun jeans about 25 of 30 days of the month, haha!

    x Courtney

  4. I ALWAYS adore your outfits, without fail. You have such a chic & laid back style -totally love it! And this outfit is FANTASTIC! I have yet to try the "we love color" I've got to get on it. xx veronika

  5. You look so cute. I looooove your long hair.

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  7. Love those tights, as always! I really need to get ahold of some from we love colors! You're the opposite of me though- I've been wearing dresses/skirts/tights/leggings so often that I have to force myself into a pair of jeans anymore. I think I just need a GOOD pair of jeans that I love.

  8. Aww this outfit is very sweet. The layers are perfect! Holy cow, I never noticed how long your hair is! It's so pretty and silky. It definitely makes me my big mess of hair.

  9. Chelsea- I LOVE dresses, but almost always wear jeans haha

    Cole- Thank you! They're rubine microfiber tights from We Love Colors! My favorite!

    Courtney- Thank you! I wish I could say the same haha

    Girl and Closet- Thank you! That really means so much to me :]

    Trophy- awwh, thank you!

    Stephanie- I wish I could get away from jeans sometimes haha

    Little- Oh geeez, I just adore you!

    Lisa- Thanks darling! <33