February 22, 2011

February Sponsor Highlight Post

This month I was yet again very blessed to have such amazing sponsors, and I would love to introduce them all to you. First though, I would like to say that it is an honor to have them as sponsors, and I really appreciate all their, as well as your support. Meet my sponsors!

We Love Colors - "We Love Colors is a unique clothing company founded in 2003 as a family run business. We offer the best selection of colors in tights, leggings, fishnets, socks and dancewear, and more! Everything is hand dyed in Miami, FL and shipped all over the world! We have items for women, children, and men from kids to plus sizes. We Love Colors is currently offering over 50 solid colors and 13 hand dyed splash colors. We hope you enjoy our colors and find your own unique expression with We Love Colors apparel."

The Dainty Squid - "I'm Kaylah. Queen of thrifting who can usually be found with a camera in her hand and cats on her lap. (...) I live in a small town in Ohio and I run this blog, as well as my business of the same name."

Dressing On The Side - "Late at night (while you're snoozing away) we think up our pen and ink designs and early in the morning we silkscreen them on the softest t-shirts known to man (maybe it really doesn't happen that fast but believe the part about our tees being supersoft). We know you don't want to see yourself coming and going so we limit the amount of designs that get sold. We want to be more than just a t-shirt line--think of us as collectible, limited,and wearable art. Wear your DRESSING oN THE SiDE."

PHXNOIR - PHXNOIR is a lifestyle website designed to promote the classier culture in the Phoenix area, including fashion, art, nightlife and more. We love to support our fledgling scene by promoting local brands, stores and events.PHXNOIR is starting a new projected dedicated to educating and promoting Arizona's fashion scene. Find out more athttp://FashionScene.org

My Girl Thursday - "My name is Chantilly McKinnon, but you can call me Thursday. In 2005 I began to make new use of my lifelong addiction to thrift by selling on eBay. Second hand shopping gave birth to a new love of crafting and I soon found my way to Etsy.
Over the last several years my girl thursday has become a handmade home to an ever evolving product line. Because I craft with things here, there and everywhere I cannot settle on just one medium. I am creating an diverse collection of personal accessories and home decor."
As a lifelong thrifter I am inspired by things old and sometimes forgotten. I weave elements of vintage illustration and/or second chance textiles throughout my line of work."
A Girl That Plays With Clay - "Random Ramblings of an odd, confused, disoriented, clay artist."
A Spoonful of Love - "My name is Shawni & I like to make things." At Shawni's blog you will find her daily outfits, crafty endeavors, and about the food she eats.
Sara(h) Darlene - "1. I love my God and strive to serve him (...) I have a TON of hobbies (...) I wish I could live in a place where I could bike everywhere (...) I fantasize about owning my own shop/theater/art gallery (...) I would be satisfied to begin work after 10am everyday."
Hello Vanny - Howdy! My name is Vanessa and I blog over at HelloVanny. I'm a tattooed 21 year old living in Las Vegas while I finish out culinary school for baking and pastry. In my spare time(which, let's be honest, isn't much!) I enjoy baking, blogging, learning about the web and taking pictures. Sneak on over to my blog to get a taste of my weekly 8-Bits, my 365 project and I just posted about my experience at the bakery I'm interning at. Dont be shy, let's be friends!

The Blue Balloon Etsy shop - "First, I am mama bee (Marie) to a beautiful baby boy, born New Year's Day 2010. Shortly prior to his birth, I discovered a new found love for creating jewelry and other pretty wearables. I can't confine myself to just one medium when it comes to my jewelry- I find myself creating pieces using anything from my own tiny photographs to scraps of brass tubing, to natural specimens to pretty beads. A common recurring adjective I hear regarding my pieces and my shop is nostalgic; I love that, and take it as a compliment. In addition to trinket making, I also enjoy dabbling a bit in the world of papery goods, using original photographs, stamps and my gocco press."
Teacup Adventure - "hi, friends! everything in my etsy shop is handmade by me with love, and rest assured the utmost attention goes into each item. I'm so excited to have my shop fully open and functioning again! Expect to see new items on a regular basis! Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you find something you like!"