February 18, 2011

Five Things I Love About Downtown Mesa Video

Today I wanted to share five things I love about downtown Mesa. I thought it would be a nice change because I'm always bragging about my favorite city, Phoenix.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'v got wedding fever this weekend and will be busy being a bridesmaid (oh and doing homework when I can as well).


  1. You kill me with cuteness. ps; We have Second Saturday's here in downtown Sacramento which is essentially the same as your Second Friday's :)

  2. We used to go Inside the Bungalow when it was Coffee Talk. :)

  3. ^ditto to coffee talk. i've got some great memories from there.

    i love my downtown mesa.

  4. i'll be heading to phoenix in a few weeks for creative estates!! this post has got me soo excited!! :)

  5. Your video makes me want to check out Mesa. I haven't spent much time there since moving to Phoenix last year.


  6. Good calls. I spend a ton of time at the MAC and Inside the Bungalow :)

  7. chelsea remember when we met along time ago through Lucia? I'm so glad I ran into your blog!

  8. Liz- Sounds like fun!

    Kristy- So did I! Oh my!

    Angela- Same here! I used to love that place!

    Sandy- YAY I'm so glad!

    Jonalynn- That makes me feel so good! Go out and explore pretty lady!

    Sarah- LOVE those places!

    Kara- AWWH, HI KARA! I definitely remember you! So happy that you're following my blog now!

    Cara-Mia- Thank you<33