February 5, 2011

Flowers and Sunshine

Before the big storm hit Phoenix this week I was definitely feeling the spring vibe. The sun was shining, and I had flowers on my mind.

Sunnies: Ray Bans; blouse: Tucker for Target; Necklace: Falling Whistle; Cardigan: Gap; Bag: Coach; Jeans: Levis: Booties: Jeffrey Campbell

Lately I've been thinking about spring, and how I am going to transition my wardrobe into the warmer weather. I am truly a cardigan and boots girl, so it's going to be interesting to see what I think up for spring outfits. Lately I've been perusing a few local stores, looking for cute warm weather clothing pieces. So far I haven't really purchased anything, but I look forward to the hunt.

Awhile back Scott was given this Falling Whistle, and lately I've been wearing it with everything. It has a truly amazing back story, and I feel proud every time I wear it.

Are you ready for spring? How are you going to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring?


  1. chelsea. i LOVE this outfit. its so cute!

  2. :D I love your outfit! wearing the whistle as a necklace is a good idea!

  3. Cute, cute shoes Chelsea! And I really love the print on that top. Speaking of warmer weather, I'm working on a spring fashion blog event and I'm going to email you about it very very soon!

  4. Am I ready for spring? OMG I am soooo ready. You basically have my spring kind of weather right now. I laugh when people say it's winter where they are...in places like Phoenix, it makes me giggle since we are dealing with below zero weather here. I wish I had warm weather like you guys do all year 'round *sigh*

    You (as usual) look suuuuper cute! I love the blouse, that print is great...just another reason why I wish we had Target here in Canada (though I've heard rumors that we're getting it in 2 years...yipee!!)

    Anyways, I cannot wait to start wearing spring clothes and shedding some layers (as much as I love layers!)

    Have a good weekend m'dear,

  5. I love that blouse! The shoes are really neat too. Spring is all about cardigans and layering!

  6. I LOVE the outfit, and isn't the story behind the Falling Whistle amazing? As for warmer weather, I'm looking forward to it! It's been strangely cold here in LA for the last couple of weeks!


  7. Oh my. I am right there with you. I'm hardly ever NOT wearing a cardigan, so I've been gently reminding myself that my arms will just have to feel a little naked when it gets super hot here in Florida.

  8. That top is beautiful! And so are you!

  9. I can't wait for spring, allergies and all! I have so many skirts and dresses, and hate pants, so warm weather is no problem for me! I spent last summer in Maine and the weather was absolutely perfect there... it floated between 70 and 80 degrees all summer long, so you could start out with a sweater or cardigan in the morning but be sunning on the lawn by the afternoon. I miss it!

  10. In LOVE with this outfit! It reminds me of such warm spring weather! I'm in love with the floral print it looks so pretty!

  11. i LOve this blouse, Chelsea! It's so perfect. Did you know that Target is reviving all of their best sellers from past designer collections? I'm very excited!

    i wander, i wonder