February 6, 2011

Hangs with Kristine of Kristine. Or Poly.

Friday night Scott and I hung out with Kristine of Kristine. Or Polly., and her husband Matt.

I recently discovered Kristine's blog, and was shocked to find out that she I hung out in a similar group of friends during high school. Kristine was actually at the show that Scott played on his birthday four days after we started dating (in which I was in attendance).

It was really awesome to talk with Kristine and Matt about blogging. They both really understand the dynamics that go into blogging, and the reasons why we both do it. It was so neat to just talk with them about taking pictures, finding new places to take photos, where we shop, and other little things that go into blogging. It was seriously the best conversation!

We met up at Liberty Market and enjoyed some really yummy desserts. Scott and I shared a zebra brownie, and he had vanilla ice cream as well. Kristine had a ice cream sandwich, and Matt had a zebra brownie + vanilla ice cream also.

Scott and I plan on hanging out with Kristine and Matt very soon. They just announced that they are going to be moving to Japan in April, which makes me sad, but we're definitely going to hang out while they're still here in the states.


  1. What a great surprise that must have been! I love it when things like that happen and you run into someone you should have known years ago! Great post!

  2. That's so exciting! I love both of your blogs. It's neat that a friendship came out of your blogging adventures!

  3. Aw! That looks like so much fun. Hang out with them as much as you can before they make their trek!! :) And can I just say your hair looks amazing!? Aannnnd Im craving a brownie now... ;)

  4. fun! we hung out with them on saturday :) liberty market treats are the best.

  5. The blogging world is huge, so it's always amazing when you find someone that you read/like lives in your own little world as well.

  6. Yay, we had so much fun with you guys. I really can't wait for our next hang out!