February 15, 2011

Liberty Market, Valentine's Day Edition

For Valentine's Day Scott and I celebrated with a breakfast date to Liberty Market. LB is one of our favorite restaurants, and they have the most amazing breakfast dishes.

Before going into LB Scott and I exchanged sweet cards and little gifts. He also gave me the loveliest bouquet of my favorite flowers, sunflowers, which is something he never fails to do every Valentine's Day. I truly am one lucky lady.

For breakfast I had the veggie scramble with their famous Liberty potatoes, biscuit with honey, and coffee.

Scott had the sicilian scramble, Liberty potatoes, a biscuit with honey, and coffee as well.

Both Scott and I really enjoyed our dishes, and liked being able to have a nice meal together before the craziness of school began for the day. Breakfasts together are really something I cherish, and I love celebrating Valentine's Day this way. Scott and I even got a little dressed up, and received the sweetest complement from a lady as we were walking to our car. Promise to share what we wore soon.

Later on in the evening we went to see Ben Kweller live, where we ran into our friends Gina and Ryan. It had been a dream of mine to see BK since I was 15, and it was amazing getting to see him play. Last night it was just him, a acoustic guitar, and his crazy amount of energy. He played many of our favorite songs, and we had a lot of fun dancing to the music. After the show we purchased a cd of the night's set, and also chatted with BK. Scott and I even both got a little video with him, which I plan on turning into a little cute vlog.

I honestly had the best day and couldn't have ask for a better guy to share it with.

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?


  1. me and my friends all had a nice picnic... it was still cold so we had it inside our uni canteen! and we shared a box of chocolate ice lollies. and also I sent out some love packages to my friends :)


  2. You both looks so cute! I love your Valentine's inspired outfits and the fact that you dressed up! I went out to a fancy dinner with my bf and had cupcakes with friends. Breakfast sounds like a cute date. I love breakfast food the most!

  3. Ah so cute!! Can't wait to see your outfit in full detail. <3

  4. Everything about your day sounds amazing! I'm so dying to try those potatoes (I'm a potato fiend!) And oh my, those sunflowers are so beautiful! Lucky duck :) Super cute bow tie on your man too...so suave! xo

  5. SO CUTE! i love scott's red bowtie! :D

  6. You both look fantastic! Loving Scott's bowtie and your spotty cardi :)