February 12, 2011

Mesa Antiquing

For years now I have been an antiquing enthusiast. When I was young my mother and grandmother used to take me to flea markers and antique stores with them, and I would roam around until something pretty caught my eye.

Today I still enjoy going antiquing and now have Scott to share that delightful experience of searching through every nook and cranny of a packed antique store with me.

Last weekend Scott and I went to a local antique store to scout out some pretty treasures.

The Antique Plaza in downtown Mesa has some of the prettiest antique dishes I have ever seen.

See the percolator? Scott bought me a similar one for my birthday last May, and soon after my grandma claimed it for herself.

I feel very lucky to have a guy in my life that is just as interested in old things as I am. We can get lost in the aisles of vintage together for hours and never get bored. He's kind of obsessed with the idea of "picking," (as am I) and finding the perfect vintage treasure. Somedays we find that perfect item, but other days we leave empty handed. I feel like that's the fun of it though, as antiquing is a ever changing situation that seems to just get better every time you go.

Do you have a favorite local antique store? Do you enjoy antiquing?


  1. Looks like you had fun!!! We are just headed out to do the very same thing!! I am hoping to find a great treasure!!



  2. *__* This makes me want to thrift right now..I've only been to one antique store before. everything was uber expensive sadly.

  3. How fun! You always find such cute things at thrift stores, Chelsea. :)

  4. My mother basically has our house made up of antiques. When I was younger, I haaaated going with her, but now, I'm just as obsessed as she is....my five year old self would definitely not approve! Pretty finds :)

  5. love the pyrex, looks like a fun filled day! i love that your boy goes thrifting too, mine loves it!

  6. i love love love antiquing. so very much and am also happy that mikey likes it as well as it's more fun that way :)

  7. i love antiquing. my favorite store is one near my hometown that is run by these adorable old people and they are so kind and friendly. sometimes in antique stores the people who run them are kind of suspicious of you but not at this place! i've found so much good stuff there and they have boxes and boxes of pictures which are my favorite things to look at.

  8. Oh I love Antique stores so much. You can seriously find so many treasures in there. I love that your Grandma claimed that, that is too funny! (and cute!) You look so darling in these photos by the way Chelsea, I cant get over your cardigan and gorgeousssss hair!! Can I have your hair? ;)

  9. Everything looks SO pretty in there! I wanna go! haha. I always go to the dish & kitchen stuff first. I LOVE your outfit btw!!

  10. for your wedding registry you should just say, "shelf 5, aisle 6 at the Mesa antique store" . thank you ;)

  11. Karen- Hope you found something good!

    Wish- Go again! I am sure you are to find some reasonably priced treasures!

    Cara-Mia- Thanks! I always seem to get lucky :]

    Sasha- That's so funny! <3

    Little- YAY for boyfriends that like antiquing too!

    Miss T- I'm so glad he likes it as well!

    Liz- Glad to hear you find some neat things :]

    Kate- Oh geez, I just love you girl!

    Jihee- Me too!!

    Erin- HAHAHA this comment made me laugh so hard! You SO know me<333

  12. "Thank you for shopping Riverfront Antique Mall, Where America Collects!"

    I was forced to say it over the loudspeaker a bajillion times when I was working there, but ten years later it's still one of my favorite places to lose a few hours in.