February 2, 2011

Old Main

Since Scott is now officially a ASU/Tempe campus student, we have been spending loads more time exploring his campus lately. Every Monday I have a meeting for student, and he has class Monday through Friday. Recently when we were out on a bike stroll through campus we decided to stop at Old Main to admire the pretty building.

Cardigan: Gap; Dress: Target; Bag: Gap; Olive tights: c/o We Love Colors; Boots: Steve Madden

Old Main is the oldest building on campus, and by far the prettiest. I am not quite sure what all the do inside of it today, but it sure is pretty to bike ride by and take a nice glimpse at.

Lately I've been obsessing over these olive colored tights. They are the perfect color, and a piece that I think can transition into spring well. Since the weather has been so warm in Phoenix lately, I already feel like I'm in spring and just trying to hold onto that winter weather state of mind. If it were up to me, it would be snowing right now and I would be sipping a hot latte inside.

The other day Scott proclaimed that he now has a routine down on his campus. He has a set bike path, a time schedule down, knows where all his classes are, and of other areas he can hang out in. It makes my heart so happy that he is settled, and is well on his way to getting his degree in Industrial Design.

Do you have a set school routine? What about an every day one? I'm big on having a routine and having the day planned out. I love having a schedule to keep me sane!


  1. Your outfit is great! Those tights are a wonderful color. And the pictures are pretty too! I love that building behind you.

  2. Love these pictures so much. Your hair is stunning!

  3. I love your bike! Your tights match! Your campus buildings look really beautiful. I have a school routine that includes getting up early for breakfast, reading my blogs, going to class, reading in between, lunch, gym, and then the rest of the day for studying or other events. I try not to get too carried away with a strict time schedule, though.

  4. What a beautiful building! I really like the front entrance- very unique. And your outfit is stellar. Totally jealous of your Steve Maddens : )

  5. my routine is to get a coffee from our two lovely ladies at school. i`m from germany and don`t know if you say "kiosk"..or maybe just coffeeshop :-)

  6. We Love Colors is my go-to for tights! & I love the olive green! Great choice!

  7. beautiful. I adore your hair. I'm very routine-pro, I like to plan stuff , mainly I have a bedtime routine. x hivennn p.s enter my double vintage camera giveaway?

  8. you have the BEST hair! i am in love with it.

  9. those tights are an amazing color! love it!

  10. those tights are really fantastic.

  11. Love the outfit girl, so cute!!

  12. Your outfit it SO cute. I love your long hair too, perfection!

  13. Hello! Just discovered your beautiful blog and love it. I adore your simple/super chic outfits + all the lovely photographs, so inspiring. Yay, love finding new and fabulous blogs! xx veronika

  14. I'm so envious of your warm weather! I don't dare wear tights outside right now unless I have at least one pair of leggings underneath them!

  15. I am obsessed with those olive tights as well. They are THE PERFECT color! And those lace up boots! I die. Cute photos in front of Old Main. I got so used to it being on Tempe campus, but you reminded me that it actually IS a cool building. Haha!

  16. Those olive tights are LOVE. What a great color!!

  17. Kristi- Thank you darling! The building is breath taking in person!

    MaieDae- Thank you :]

    Kuleigh- It seems that we have similar schedules!

    Naomi- Thanks<3

    Stine- I think either could work :]

    Punk- Mine too! They're a great company!

    Jazzy- I'm big on routines as well!

    Elycia- Oh geez! Thanks darling!

    Little Tree- They're my favorite right now!

    Kymberley- Thank you!

    Jada- <33

    Vanessa- :]

    Girl and Closet- Thank you for following! So glad I can inspire you!

    Teacup- Hope your area warms up soon!

    Kristine- Thank you so much darling!

    Stephanie- Thanks! :]

  18. love these pictures! the first one is amazing!!! =)