February 27, 2011

Orange Picking

While out in downtown Mesa the other day Scott and I saw an orange tree that was calling our names. Since it was on the side of the street, and not in someone's yard, I felt it completely appropriate to pick a few oranges for a future smoothie.

Much to our dismay there were sharp sticks/thorns on the tree branches, and we definitely both got poked (Scott more than me). Scott was a real trooper though and pulled two oranges down for us.

See the pretty bird's nest that we spotted in the tree? Promise we didn't disturb it!

Yesterday we used the oranges to make a smoothie (which ended up being a bit of a dud, unfortunately). I really wish we had more fruit trees in the area. Apple trees would be lovely!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! Anyone have any fun plans?


  1. such lovely photos! that orange color sticks out so bright, love it!

  2. i love fruit trees, growing up we had apples and plums in the garden, and the trees were just right for climbing.

    b. x.

  3. Enjoy them! Back home in Southern Louisiana, my parents had an orchard of oranges, satsumas, and grapefruits. I miss them so much, but brought tons home when we went down for Christmas and New Year's.

  4. Yummy! I had no idea orange trees had prickles!

  5. Little- Thank you<33

    B- Apple and plum trees? YUM!

    Lauren- Awwh, what a good idea!

    Kuleigh- Hhaha it may have been a sharp stick? :]