February 16, 2011

Urban Beans

A few weeks ago Scott and I checked out Urban Beans, a cute little coffee shop in Phoenix that we had both heard so much about. For Christmas Scott received a coupon to Restaurants.com so we decided to use part of it on our UB breakfast date.

Scott had his regular, hot americano, and I have a non-fat latte.

The shop is pretty cute and spacious. There were fun chalkboard signs, and they had some amazing looking pastries. It was SO hard to pass about getting a scone, as they seem to have the best selection in Phoenix, but we both decided getting an egg and sausage sandwich would be a good way to start our day.

Both of our sandwiches were really good, and they both came with a small salad on the side. The side was pretty tasty as well, but a little strange at breakfast time. The vibe in the shop was good though, and they were playing some great music at the time.

While there we also ran into the lovely Georganne of Frances and Smeeks. It was really nice to see her, and it seriously warmed my heart so much when she told me that she frequently checks out my blog. I am still overwhelmed by all the support I get for my blog, and I feel so lucky to have such great local, and non-local readers that read up on my life on a day-to-day basis. You guys are seriously the best.

Have you ever been to Urban Beans? What does your favorite breakfast include?


  1. i NEED a big coffee mug like that! i can never just seem to have a cup big enough for the amount of coffee i drink daily haha
    peace. love. create.

  2. you guys always have magical coffee dates<3 i love it!

  3. The coffee looks delish and the interior is so bright and lovely!
    I have passed by UB so many times and have been meaning to stop in.
    Now I MUST :)

  4. This makes me want to run to Urban Beans. That sammich looks amazing.

  5. We don't have an Urban Beans around these parts, but I dig any coffee shop that serves coffee in actual-real-life-not-made-of-paper cups. I drive slightly out of my way to The Eco Bean in my town rather than Starbucks for just that reason.... when I have the time at least. :)

  6. Love love UB. Before we moved in December, roomie and I went there all the time! Always good music, good coffee, and awesome lunches. You guys need to go there for lunch soon :)

  7. Lamely where I live there aren't any local coffee shops. We have starbucks and the grind. After spending sometime in Seattle, it's a bummer. Urban Beans seems adorable though, just as you are in the last picture!

  8. Oh how sweet. I love that you're supported in what you do, and to be recognized by local merchants and vendors is pretty great too. Your city seems so cute... I am amazed at the amount of tasty-looking food you guys are constantly eating.

  9. Victoria- Good luck in your hunt :]

    Little- AWH! Thanks darling<33

    Diana- You need to make a stop there! It's such a cute shop!

    Lauren- DO IT!

    Robyn- I love that you do that! I prefer quaint shops as well!

    Kara- It's such a cute place!

    Laura- Hope you get a cute shop in your town soon!

    Kaitlyn- Oh geez, thanks girl! :] <33