February 20, 2011

Yogurtland Date

One of Scott and I's favorite treats is frozen Yogurt. One of our favorite frozen yogurt shops, Yogurtland, has the best flavors and toppings in town. Every time we go our eyes are usually bigger than our stomachs. That's ok though, we do enjoy a nice sweet treat.

Scott had a mix of cheesecake and vanilla with graham cracker on top. I have coconut, pistachio, and coconut with some fresh strawberries.

We both really enjoyed our froyo combinations and I already can't wait until we go back.

Do you like frozen yogurt? What do you like to mix?


  1. I love frozen yogurt! I just had pinkberry for the first time yesterday, so I have to say pomegranate is my fav<3

  2. Frozen yogurt is my favorite! I usually go once a week. I like fruit when it's in season (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries) on top of a mix of german chocolate and vanilla bean yogurt. I also love graham cracker crumbles with chocolate chex and caramel! Yum!

  3. OMG! Lol I love, love, love frozen yogurt!! Yogurtland is right down the street from us actually. I love blueberry, original tart, and green apple (if they have it) or pomegranate. As for toppings, I always have to have have mochi. I love that stuff, as well as strawberries and blueberries. Yum, I need to go there now lol.

    The Sweetest Life

  4. Yesss frozen yogurt. We have a lack of it in Ottawa actually. There's one place called Yogen Fruz (I don't know if it's in the States too...) but they just blend all the fruit into the yogurt. SO good.

    When we were in NYC we tried different places almost every day. We're kind of a frozen treat-obsessed family.

    Yours looks so good. I'm a big strawberry fan. xo

  5. Frozen yogurt is amazing! I like original tart with captain crunch and kiwi. There are so many different kinds in southern california, but so far my favorite is Nubi. Instead of places like Pinkberry, you get to put on all the toppings yourself. Definitely makes you get too much, but it's so yummy!

  6. http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5093/5402472381_78b560a6e3_m.jpg


    I love YogurtLand! It's my fav froyo place besides a family owned place in my bf's home town. When I go to yogurt land I get the swirl (choco/vanilla), strawberries, sprinkles, almonds, and fudge. At Snowee, I do the swirl, strawberries, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and roasted almonds w/fudge and whipped cream.

    Mmm I love froyo! Now I have an intense craving. haha :)

  7. ahh so delicious! I haven't found any places around my new apartment/school yet, but I'm definitely going to investigate the yogurt situation once it gets warmer!

  8. I looove frozen yogurt! I usually try to get as many flavors as I can into one cup, hahaha :p

    KF x

  9. yogurtland is definitely my favorite.

  10. I wish the east coast would pick up on this trend. I went to CA last summer, and it was my first time eating a froyo! :D So yummy!

  11. yummm those combos look so good! everytime i go i end up getting so much more than i could ever eat. i just can't decide! haha

  12. I still haven't tried Yogurtland! I heard it's so so good! :)

  13. Jada- Sounds so good!

    Kuleigh- Oh man, your comment made ,e hungry!

    Jazmyn- I LOVE mochi!

    Emily- Hope you get a frozen yogurt shop in your town soon!

    Laura- I LOVE the tart!

    M- Your combos sound sooo good!

    Teacup- Good luck in your hunt!

    Kenzie- I'm the same way! I LOVE mixing!

    Angela- Mine too!

    Jessica- Hope you get a froyo shop in your area soon!

    Jihee- I'm the same way haha

    Yesterday's- It is! Try it out asap!