March 28, 2011

Arizona Blogger Meetup: Part 2

I'm back with part two of the Arizona Blogger Meet-up posts!

So after we hit the two vintage shops along Central Avenue in downtown, we all headed toward Roosevelt Row for the next part of our "tour".

Our first stop along Roosevelt Row was MADE Art Boutique. The shop is filled with cute handmade treasures, and also art books, journals, and other fun items. At this point I think everyone's feet were a little tired, so we all took a seat outside of the store for a moment.

After we all felt rested we made our way next store for some coffee, tea and italian sodas at Jobot Coffee. I walked into the shop to see Vanessa, Danielle, Paige, Jessica, and Brittney having the funnies conversation. The faces say it all I think.

Once everyone had a moment to grab a drink and take a break for a few, we headed toward the Grow-Op for our next activity.

During the day activity I wore a dress from Target, tights from Target, and Steven Madden oxfords. I went for a cute, but comfy look.

All the ladies seemed to really enjoy the urban garden that is growing around the Grow-Op!

Scott was there with me the whole day (as well as for the dinner) and was a huge help. I am so thankful that he is such a supportive guy, and I am so happy that he wanted to participate. Thank you my love for making the meet-up extra special!

Once we got to the Grow-Op everyone had some time to look around at all the vintage and handmade goods in the shop. Kelsey and I had a fun time looking around. I was so happy she was there with me the whole day. I really think we worked great as a team, and I honestly couldn't have done the meet-up without her.

Scott had a nice time showing Kelsey around the shop, and pointing out all his handmade lamps and wood burnings that he currently has in the store. Seeing him giving Kelsey a tour just warmed my heart. I am so proud of him for having his handmade goods at the Grow-Op.

After everyone was done inside they started on the crafts that Ashley and the team at the Grow-op had set-up for us. There were lots of flower crowns, and cute flower boxes that Scott was showing everyone how to make.

Once people were done at the Grow-op they were making their way over to Butter Toast Boutique to check out their pretty vintage clothing. I am pretty sure that Kelsey and Vanessa were having way too much fun checking out some of the sweet pieces they had on the sale rack.

Danielle, Scott and myself had a fun time looking around inside as well. I ran into my friend Janessa in the shop and she took his silly photo of the three of us.

Lots of the ladies were also hanging out in front of Butter Toast. It was so awesome to see everyone interact so well, even though known of them had previously met each in real life. It seriously made heart swell with happiness.

Ok, more updates to come! I still need to share our Frances and Smeeks adventure, along with the dinner that was so much fun.



  1. At dinner, the girls I was with were all talking about how Scott must be the most supportive guy ever!

  2. I LOVE THIS CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SO fun! Loved making those boxes with Scott. He is great, you guys are the cutest couple ever!

  4. how fun! I wish I knew other Oklahoma bloggers!

  5. such a great idea - loooving these photos :) congrats on such a successful event, friend!

  6. Cute cute cute. That is SO nice that Scott wanted to participate in this & help you. Very sweet.

  7. Awhhhh love you! This event was so awesome I'm glad I was able to come :)

  8. wish i could have made it to the daytime activities! looks like you guys had so much fun.

  9. I'm so bummed that I didn't make it out on Saturday, my event went way later than I expected. It looks like it was a complete success, yay AZ bloggers!!!