March 31, 2011

Arizona Blogger Meetup: Part 3

Today I want to wrap-up my Arizona Blogger Meet-up posts that include photos and stories from the second half of the day.

After wrapping things up at the Grow-Op, a few of us continued on to Frances and Smeeks in midtown Phoenix. These two shops are favorites of mine, and I was so excited to share them with my fellow bloggers.

First we went into Smeeks where we eyed yummy candy, laughed at bacon belts, and picked up orange creme sodas (well a few of the ladies did).

Once we were done at Smeeks we headed over to Frances for some exploring and shopping.

Everyone seem to really love the vibe of the story, along with all the pretty things they had for sale.

Kelsey, Vanessa, and I had a good time admiring all the pretty rings they had for sale. Kelsey ended up picking up the cutest pair of mustache earrings, and Vanessa bought a fun slap wristband watch for her boyfriend.

Courtney and I also had a nice time looking! I was so happy that she spent the whole day with us! She is seriously the sweetest lady, and I am so happy we are friends!

After we were all done looking around and making our purchases we went outside for some Short Leash Hot Dogs. Short Leash was nice enough to open early for us, as we were all in need of food after a long day (how did we forget to work lunch into the schedule?).

Everyone seem to really love their hot dogs, and were all impressed by the pita bread, locally made meats (and veggie dogs), and their awesome array of toppings. Scott got a hot dog with bbq sauce, coleslaw, and blue cheese on it. He was seriously so excited about it!

After most of the group was done eating we passed out goodie bags that Georganne of Frances and Smeeks was kind enough to donate.

The bags were a huge hit among the group, and everyone was so happy to receive such a sweet gift. I am still honestly blown away at Georganne's kindness, and I only wish she could have been there with us for the day (however, she was spending it with her daughter who she hadn't seen in months, a great reason to miss such a fun day). Thank you so much Georganne and to the whole Frances and Smeeks family! We love you!

Ok, I will be back later with photos and stories from the dinner!


  1. i am loving all these updates! such fun pictures, chelsea :)

  2. It was SUCH a fun day! I love looking back at your photos and you tell the story so well! :)

  3. I wish we could have been here for this part of the meetup! Looks like SO much fun<3

  4. Yes. so much fun. loved the gift bags too!

  5. It looks so much fun! I demand a blogger meet up in my area hahaha

  6. Oh my gosh, I don't eat meat and I miss hot dogs soooooo bad. I wish we had something like this where I live. Veggie hot dogs w/ crazy good toppings. Mmm. (Drooling now.)

  7. Awesome photos! Where did you get your dress from? It's beautiful!