March 7, 2011

Coffee and Stripes

Generally I'm not one for patterns (although my tastes have seem to be shifting a little lately), but I always love a good stripe. Awhile ago I found this awesome striped dress at Levi's on a killer sale. Once I saw it, I knew it had to be mine.

Striped dress: Levi's; black belt: thrifted; Cross-body bag: Coach; Tights: c/o We Love Colors; Boots: Cole Haahn

Beanie: Gap; Shirt: Vintage; Jeans: Levi's; Boots: Fossil

Growing up Scott always had this love for stripes. When Scott and I first started dating (way back in 2006) he could almost always be found wearing a striped shirt. Stripes were kind of his trademark, and could be found in almost everything that he painted around that time.

While in downtown enjoying a nice coffee date at Lola Coffee, Scott and I took a stroll by a few historic buildings in downtown Phoenix. Among my favorites is two story brick building that these photos were taken in front of. I'm not quite sure what the building used to hold, more than likely someone's home, but today it is a law firm and they have some of the prettiest green grass in town.

The Coach bag that I'm carrying was a present from my parents on my 20th birthday. I just love a good leather cross-body bag, and having something that signifies an exciting time in my life.

The shirt Scott is wearing is one of his favorite, and was in retirement for quite some time because of the blown-out elbows it has. He just couldn't stay away from it though, and had to bring it back out for one last hooray (although I have a feeling it might be out for longer).

Being in downtown Phoenix always makes me yearn for a beautiful historic home where Scott and I can paint, decorate, and enjoy it the fullest. I honestly can't wait to own such a pretty home! Scott and I already have a few neighborhoods in mind, and I just know it's going to be amazing when the time comes.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Would it be in a historic home, or a recently built one?


  1. i love stripes and esp love those mint tights!!! a coach has the best bags ever - love that one!

    if i could live anywhere, i'd live in the philippines doing mission work with my fiance/husband. we hope to do this one day so i can't wait!

  2. Historic home, for sure! My college is in a historic downtown and the administration building is actually the old historic mansion of the founder. After being around so much history and the character of old buildings, I just couldn't imagine living in a new house.

  3. one of the painted ladies at alamo square in san fran!

  4. Love this!! I love the history of Scotts love for stripes. Nathan is the same way! And I love your tights. I have the same color from WLC - I need to busy them out soon!! You guys look so gorgeous. Have a fantastic day! xo

  5. I haven't been reading your blog for that long but I was wondering if you worked for Levi's? I noticed you wear this brand often! I am loving the dress!

  6. LOVE the stripes and your blue tights.....looks warm in AZ, I miss it!
    love, live & wear
    xo, L

  7. chelsea i absolutely ADORE this outfit!

  8. Loving the tights! So great.

    I'm dying to live someplace warmer. If I can see a palm tree...I'll be happy!

  9. lovely dress/shirt and those tights look awesome with it, never would have thought to pair up blue tights with black stripes but you make it work, as always you look amazing, and i wish i had thinner legs so i could pull this off haha

  10. COLE HAAN BOOTS! Jealous. I LOVE Cole Haan. I also love stripes, so of course I love your dress. :)