March 22, 2011

An interview with Mandy of Harper's Happenings...and Some of Mine, Too

Today we have a really awesome interview with Many of Harper's Happenings...and Some of Mine, Too. Mandy is a sweet momma and wife, and has such a cute style. She blogs about her daily life with her family, and also encourages other mom's to show off their personal style.

Meet Mandy:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Mandy, I'm 29 years old and live in a little waterfront town outside of Seattle. I'm a mama to the spunkiest little girl, Harper, who is just shy of 2 1/2 and wife to Scot (with one T). I'm a stay at home mom and spend my free time running my little online shop, Opal ( if you wanted to link!) and blogging about our life adventures. I'm obsessed with narwhals, thrifting, Anderson Cooper and americanos.

2. What got you interested in blogging, and how long have you been blogging for?

If we don't count my kick ace Myspace blog back in the day (which we don't) or my brief affair with LiveJournal, I've been officially blogging since 2008. I had a tiny blog that I started when I got pregnant with Harper and a few months after she arrived I started HH to keep family up to date. I had no idea what blogging was going to mean to me at that time! Years later I have an amazing place to put my creativity AND share stories about Harper. The community I've found through blogging was something I never expected and has come to be the best part of it.

3. Can you tell us about your style?

I like simple but fun outfits that are easy to move in (playing at the park and such). Day to day I love dark slim jeans and cotton tops punched up with fun necklaces, a scarf or bright shoes. I'm also collecting quite the dress collection which is something pre-baby I never used to really wear. Now I can't imagine my wardrobe without them!

4. You're the momma to the sweetest little girl! How do you think being a mom has affected your style?

Oddly enough, motherhood has affected my style for the better! Well, I should clarify - when the nugget was born I did what most new moms do out of pure necessity - live in pj pants, tanks and hoodies. When you run the risk of getting poop, spit up, drool and whatnot on every item you own, you tend to not want to wear anything nice. But as Harper has gotten older and the risk of gross things on my clothes has gone down, I have found myself really enjoying getting dressed up and finding a new style that works for my life. I'm having more fun than ever! Picking out clothes for a little girl is pretty awesome, too :)

5. What are your favorite trends for spring?

Can I just say that living in the PNW makes me just flat out EXCITED for Spring in general? SO. READY. for dresses without tights, open toed shoes and tossing my cardigans to the back of the closet. It's been a chilly and long winter and I cannot wait. And I will be running, not walking, to get a pair of wooden platform shoes.

6. When you're not busy blogging, what can you be found doing?

Thrifting, attempting to craft or redesign things, drinking coffee and going on mini adventures with my little family. I could consider the post office my second home for all the time I spend there for my shop. Harper is the best thrift shopping partner! She helps me find the best treasures.

7. With regards to fashion, what do you draw inspiration from?

Honestly I draw the most fashion inspiration from fellow bloggers. I don't have a ton of time to read magazines anymore, but I am online a lot and that is where I see other ladies and their style which in turn inspires me. I love getting a peek into what other people are trying, it makes me want to be more adventurous. The fact that these are real people makes certain trends and styles more attainable.

8. If you had to pick one outfit to wear the rest of your life, what would it look like?

Oh man! I'd love to say a fun dress with a cute belt and strappy wedges, but as a mom of a toddler who plans on being pregnant again at least once, i will have to be a little more practical and say slim jeans, a flowy feminine top with a long necklace and some flats.

9. You started a fun feature called "Steppin' Out Saturday." What was your inspiration to start this?

We are incredibly lucky to have my mom nearby and she takes Harper for a sleepover every Saturday night (I know). Scot and I pretty much always use this time to go on a date and then see our friends, so I'm always definitely getting real clothes on this night. I wanted other moms (and women in general!) to have an excuse to get dressed, feel great about themselves and share their outfits. I absolutely love what it has turned into - so many ladies have told me that going around to all the participating blogs (since it's a link up) has helped them get dressed up again, given them style inspiration and the best part, meet other bloggers they may not have otherwise met.

10. Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers? What about someone interested in sharing their daily outfits, but are a little weary about it?

My advice on sharing daily outfits is just do it! I know for me, my blog started off as a typical "baby blog" but when I started sharing my style it opened me up to a whole new group of people. As a mom it has proven to me that I can still be stylish and take care of myself and what I like. But if you're really weary, participate in my Steppin' Out Saturday and tell you readers I made you do it. I don't mind taking the blame :)

Thank you so much for doing this interview Mandy! Don't forget to check out Mandy's blog for some cute stories and inspirational mama style photos.



  1. Great interview! I'm a big fan of Mandy & Harper, and I'm one of the Steppin' Out gals who enjoys having the excuse and motivation of getting a little more dolled up at least one day a week.

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