March 5, 2011

Lola Coffee

Recently Scott and I went on a coffee date to Lola Coffee in downtown Phoenix. Last school year I used to go to Lola all the time, but with my new schedule I haven't much time to make my way down there before or after class. It was nice to go there, though, and relax in such a pretty space.

Scott and I both got iced coffees, and sat on their comfy couch because pretty much every other spot in the shop was taken. It was a busy afternoon at Lola!

If I had to make a choice about best ice coffee, I would have to say Lola takes the cake (with corporate coffee shop The Coffee Bean a second, only because I drink it so much and I'm always able to concentrate in their shops). I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure they use a cold brew system. Usually, I don't like iced coffee, or toddy, made this way because of the taste and the smell, but I'm thinking that if they do use this method they don't let it sit for as long (eliminating the funky taste and smell).

Lola has a few notebooks that they leave on the tables for people to write or draw in. While flipping through the pages of one notebook Scott found a few of his own drawings.

And on the back was the Tea Talk symbol Scott drew for me. Awwh.

Do you like iced coffee? Do you have a prefer method of how it's made?


  1. Aw! I like these photos. I remember Lola coffee from when you did your guest post on my blog! Love it. I love the tea cup drawing! Have a wonderful weekend you two!! xo

  2. I dont usually like coffee, so iced coffee is as far as i would go tbh. and it has to be covered in layers of cream to disguise the taste haha! I love the coffee shop though, its better than all the ones I've seen so far!xo

  3. Love your striped shirt....hate iced iced green tea :)
    love, live & wear
    xo, L
    Scott has the coolest shirt on!

  4. love iced coffee, i miss it since it's winter and i'm always freezing to begin with. my favorite method is cold brewed in a toddy maker. i think this year i'm going to buy my own!

  5. I love that they have those notebooks! Such a nice little touch. I looove iced coffee. I usually get it with a touch of soy or almond milk. So good!

  6. Seems like a really fun place. There is a coffee shop near my house that makes the BEST iced coffee drinks. Every cup is fresh and they add mint leaves to it. Amazing! You look adorable too.

  7. You two are so adorable together.

    And I love those types of shops, when there is a notebook that everyone can write in. Kind of a community project. Brings something special to the table.

  8. Kate- Thank you! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend as well!

    Bend- The shop is SO cute! I am sure you would love it!

    Elle- I love iced great tea as well! Thank you!

    Marie- I'm lucky enough that it's almost always iced coffee weather here. For iced coffee I use a jar, paper towel, and strainer. What's the method you use?

    Claggie- I should start putting soy in mine as well. The dark stuff stains my teeth!

    Anna- That sounds amazing! I read your comment to Scott and he totally agrees! YUM!

    Laura- Awwh, thank you! I love the notebooks as well! Such a nice little touch!