March 2, 2011

Mesa Arts Center

The Mesa Arts Center has been an amazing addition to my hometown of Mesa, Arizona and has really helped grow the arts community in the area since it was built five or so years ago. So when I was thinking about pretty places to venture around in and take photos, the Mesa Arts Center immediately came to mind.

Scarf: Target; Cardigan: Banana Republic; Top: Vintage/was my mom's; Jeans: Levi's; Flats: Ann Taylor Loft

The Mesa Arts Center has some really amazing, and unique art throughout the entire grounds. One of my favorite areas is this little high-rise spot that you can only get to by walking up rows of stairs with pretty glass block in them. This spot offers a great view of the arts center, and is a nice place to hang out. I've been thinking about having an urban picnic up there with Scott sometime soon.

This top was giving to me by my mom when we recently went through a cleaning spree of all things old and vintage. It had shoulder pads in it, which I immediately cut out, but I really adore the mustard collar, and the pretty collar line.

All of these photos were taken by myself using my tripod and remote. I felt really proud to have gone out take photos all by myself. Scott is a really great photographer, and always knows exactly the shots I would want, but it was nice to try and take some shots all on my own. It was also the first time I took my own photos since my trip to snowy Colorado back in December, so I was a little rusty and it did take me a little bit to get the hang of things.

Do you like wearing your parents' old clothing? Do you take your own photos, or does someone take them for you?


  1. I love your flats! And the MAC is my favorite :)

  2. Oh my gosh, how cute. I don't have my parents' old clothing, but I wish I did! It would be cute to have a photo of your mother wearing that shirt and you in the shirt side by side. Little styling through the generations. hah

    And, I usually take my photos, but I rarely have good photos taken of myself! Harbor or a friend will help me from time to time, but a remote would be rad.

  3. That art place looks pretty damn cool XD

    I hate my mom's clothes, haha. I'm going to nominate her for What Not to Wear, ha.

    I usually take my own photos.

    Aaaand, I like that cardigan that you're wearing very much! I actually tried one on like it yesterday but it was too pricy :(

  4. i wear my mom's old jewelry! my dad went on this turquoise kick in the 70s and bought my mom a bunch of navajo jewelry. i loved it when turquoise/chunky jewelry came in and i was already hip...and authentic. haha

  5. I love this outfit! I would never have guessed that the shirt was vintage. I like all the colors and the brightly patterned scarf! These photos look great! I really want a tripod.

  6. i love that scarf and blouse! i have one similar to it (the blouse) that my bf's mom actually gave me and it belonged to her in the 70's! how funny.

    and the photos look great. i've only taken my own once and found it rather challenging but it feels nice when you capture a few that you like. :)

    i wander, i wonder

  7. moms old clothes are always the best!!

    wolves and sparklers

  8. i dont think my mom has any of her old clothes anymore - otherwise, id totally be rocking them. she def had some taste! i love looking through her old pics of her clothes and such.

    you look awesome as always - love those flats and skinny jeans :)

  9. hooray for mesa arts center! it's such a pretty place.

    i wish my mother kept some of her old clothes - i always see photos and am sad she didn't.