March 6, 2011

Odessa & Tony's Wedding Part 1

This post is long over due, but I guess better late than never. My cousin Odessa and her now husband Tony's wedding was absolutely beautiful, and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it. Their wedding had a vintage carnival theme to it, and all of the decorations were ridiculously cute. Here is peek into T & O's special day!

All ready!

My handsome date!

Odessa's two pairs of wedding day shoes.

Bridesmaids and the bride!

I'm the second one in from the right.

A wood-worked ferris wheel that Odessa and I's great grandpa made with his own two hands.

Clearly the love for ampersands run in the family.

The happy couple!

Next week I will be posting part 2! Please feel free to leave Tony and Odessa a happy wish, as they both check out my blog on a regular basis!

Happy Sunday!


  1. what a special day! you have such a beautiful family!

  2. Liz- Oh Liz, your comment just made my heart full. Thank you so, so much<33

  3. such gorgeous pics and im in love with that theme! the colors are so fun too :)

  4. congratulations to the lovely couple! and i absolutely love the ferris wheel. it's amazing!!

  5. Happy for all this wedding fun on our blogs. And, I love her shoes! Both pairs, that is. Congrats, Odessa and Tony! I really am loving the cute details they thought to include, and ampersands are the best, aren't they?

  6. I love weddings. It looks like everyone was quite happy for this wonderful occasion. You look beautiful (and your cousin looks like the perfect bride). xoxo

  7. what a gorgeous wedding. i love the colours and the theme, looks awesome...and holy heck, so do YOU miss!! all dressed up and curly haired :) gorgeous!!!