March 10, 2011

Oh, Sweet Joy Coffee Cuff Review

It's no secret that I love coffee. I like to drink it hot, iced, blended, and I'm obsessed with iced coffee (americanos are my true love though). Kim of Oh, Sweet Joy noticed my obsession and offered to send me one of her pretty handmade coffee cuffs. Kim and I both share a love for re-usable sleeves (I hate those pesky cardboard ones), so I was thrilled to sport one of her cuffs at a favorite local coffee shops, Cartel Coffee Lab.

My Oh, Sweet Joy coffee cuff was perfect from keeping my hands safe from my hot cup (non-fat latte inside), and looked extra cute while doing so.

I was extremely impressed by the quality of the coffee cuff. The stitching was nice, the grey fuzzy lining was lovely, and I absolutely adored the pretty yellow pattern and matching button. Oh, and size is wonderful! Perfect for my hot and iced drinks (so much better than using napkins).

Re-usable coffee cuffs are not only good for the environment, but also look super cute around any coffee cup. If you don't already use re-usable coffee cuffs I urge you to give them a shot!

Check out the Oh, Sweet Joy for a selection of extra cute coffee cuffs.


  1. Thanks Chelsea! Lookin' good rockin that coffee cuff!' ;)

  2. hehee love your review, pics and the coffee cuff you chose! you are rocking it girl! :)

  3. This was awesome! That is SUCH a great idea!

  4. great review! always love your pictures. i love all of kim's coffee cuff designs!

  5. So adorable. Such a great way to tell the difference between your coffee and everyone else's.

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  6. your sunglasses are the bomb!
    plus I want one of these coffee sleeves,
    very awesome.

  7. Love reusable coffee sleeves. Maybe I'll knit you one? (Do you have a knitted coffee sleeve?)

    Happy Friday!

  8. never woulda thought of this, what a great idea! I always try to take along my coffee mug but it's not always the most practical (esp when I forget it has coffee in it and put it in my bag haha!) so it's great to have such a handy reusable thing. Also, I was gonna ask if it was at Cartel : )