March 21, 2011

School Style

Now that Spring Break is officially over I am back in school mode and trying to stay focus on my studies as much as possible. Before break started I wore this outfit to class during my "long day" at school (1-5:30 p.m.). I'm a big fan of being comfortable at school, that way I am less focused on my outfit and more focused on what I have going on.

Sunnies: Ray Bans; Sleeveless cardigan: Target; Dress: Target; Grey tights: c/o We Love Colors; Mary-janes: Simple Shoes

Usually when I go to class I carry a large tote, but this day I decided to bring my Coach purse that I have been carrying around non-stop lately. The size of this bag really doesn't cut it for school though, but sometimes my arm just needs a break from my heavy totes.

Layers are also very important to me when I'm going to class. Many of the rooms in my building are absolutely freezing, especially when the weather gets warmer outside, and I hate to find myself freezing in class, unable to concentrate because I'm so cold (and also very sleepy as the cold seems to make me tired). If I'm not wearing a cardigan or something over my shirt/dress, I always have a sweater in my bag or car (and usually a spare pair of shoes in case my feet get tired/cold).

Tight are always a must if I'm wearing a dress or skirt to school as well. This pair of We Love Colors tights are extra thick, and are so comfortable to wear. If you're in need of new tights (I know it's getting warmer, but tights are still an essential in my wardrobe) I would highly suggest buying a pair of microfiber tights from WLC. They're my favorite!

What does your school style usually look like?


  1. I just stocked up on tights-I'm rocking the mustard yellow ones today :)

    Love your bag! I have been looking for new one - but can't seem to find any I love yet

  2. I am ALWAYS rockin' in WLC tights. I hate to always sound that way, but I just love their tights! I too live in AZ but I find, especially with the a/c some places, that tights are a must, even here in AZ with the 110+ heat in the summer. Maybe I am just crazy but I love them and they are SOOOOO comfortable!! Thanks for the outfit, I have been thinking about getting the grey tights. Are those the light grey or the regular?
    Keep up the great stuff!!!

  3. love the bag!

    haven't been in school for nearly 9 years now (yikes - time flies!) but i normally wore jeans but always with heels to dress up. and i was def. a fan of messenger bags over backpacks!

  4. I wear jeans rather than dresses or skirts in winter and I like to wear dresses and skirts and the thick tights in springtime. I have one rule: try to wear clothes, which will make you feel confident and comfy.

  5. You're always so cute and well put together, Chelsea! I love everything about this outfit. <3

  6. My school style usually looks like jeans, a tshirt, a cardigan and slip ons. So stylish right? Ugh, my science labs require us to wear/dress a certain way so no dresses or flats for me!