March 14, 2011

Spring is in the air

It's safe to say that spring has hit Phoenix in full force. The afternoons are warm, and the evenings are just about the same. I can already feel the dreaded heat coming from the concrete, and all the plants and flowers are blooming around me. By the looks of it we're going to have a hot spring, but I'm crossing my fingers that we get to stay in the 70's for a little while longer.

Cardigan: J Crew; Tank top: Gap; Skirt: Gap; Jeno Booties: c/o Blowfish Shoes

I wore this outfit during the filming of my "In Bloom: Seven Days of Spring Style" vlog. Not quite sure the exact day yet, but sometime this week my vlog will be posted either on Thursday's blog, or Maria's blog. I was so excited when they asked me to be a part of this fun week! I don't want to give too much away, but lets just say that I take you on a tour of one of my fav local vintage/handmade stores and talk about said items.

I felt super springy in this outfit. For years I have said that I am not a spring person, even though I am technically a spring baby, but this year it feels like the season is starting to grow on me. I'm excited for pretty dresses and sandals.

Remember the last time I wore these sweet Blowfish Booties? I said that the next I wear them I really want to style them with a flowy skirt. Well, I'm happy to say that I was pleased with the outcome of the look. I think the booties toned down the outfit a bit (much to my pleasure) and made for a nice rustic feel.

The plants around the Grow-Op in downtown are blooming like crazy right now. Makes for such pretty scenery in the urban area it sits in.

I think I've decided that braids will be my thing this spring. They just add something special to an every day hairstyle.

Has spring sprung in your area? What's your must have item for spring?


  1. it def is spring! love the shoes - lemme guess, blowfish? ;) oh and i just saw your label notes. haha - love them! love the whole outfit really. :)

  2. We're getting spring-y days here and there! I've even been able to get a little yard work done :) You look radiant in that gorgeous sunshine! I really love the braid.

  3. That cardigan is ca-ute! Although I can't tell if it's printed in florals or if they're puppies. I think I need to get my glasses very soon.

  4. There is a lot of snow here in Moscow. It's a bit rainy, it's a bit cloudy but it smells of springtime! Can't wait the time, when we will be able to admire the frowers, green grass and so on!
    The outfit looks good on you and the sun makes you so romantic.

  5. Ilene- Thanks darling!

    Kristi- Thank you! Hope you get more beautiful weather!

    Thursday- Oh geez, you are too funny! They're flowers! :]

    Anik- Thank you so much!

  6. The weather looks so nice in your pics! It has been very cloudy and rainy here in San Francisco. I can't wait until I can wear cute outfits again!