March 17, 2011

Spring Vines

I can't believe it's already Thursday! My week off from school is almost over! Seems like time has just flown by and I really haven't done much, well besides eating, window shopping, and working on things for my classes.

The other day Scott and I went to the Tempe ASU campus to get a few things done that we had been meaning to do for awhile, like getting my cap and gown (yay) and making appointments for Scott to work with a laser cutter and see an advisement counselor.

Sailor dress: Levi's; Bag: Coach; Scarf: Vintage; Shoes: Salt Water Sandals

Button-up: Levi's; Corduroys: Levi's; Watch: Fossil; Shoes: Sperry's

The weather in Phoenix has been ultra warm. It hit 90 degrees yesterday, first time this year! Even though I'm a Arizona girl and have survived 115 degree weather, the heat certainly got to me yesterday. I'm thinking it will be awhile until I get used to these warm temperatures. Until then you can find me inside a cool coffee shop sipping an iced coffee.

Scott and I both scored most of our ensembles for the day on major sale. About once a week or so we go into our local Levi's store and scourer the sale section to see if anything new has been placed there, or to see if they have a 50 percent off sale item sign hung up. It has gotten to the point that because we go there so often, and have for about two years now, that the staff knows us by name and always lets us know when something new is in the sale section. We saw one of the employees walking a little ways from the store and he said "Here they come." I kind of love being a regular!

Lately I've been obsessing over accessories. I have always been a ring girl, but lately my love for pretty things on my fingers has moved to pretty things around my wrists and I have found myself wanting to mix and match the bracelets I have. The green an silver one I wore this day was a gift from Scott's mom a few years ago, and the black band is something I bought at Kate Spade.

Since only six of you entered the River Jones Music giveaway you will all be receiving a copy of Courtney Marie Andrew's cd! I will be emailing you all soon!

How has your week been going so far? What accessory are you obsessing over right now?


  1. Love your dress and the fact that you match! I can't believe it's Thursday either. This week has just flown by! It's warm here in Charleston but I must say I'm jealous of how hot it is there! I love warm weather.

  2. cute, simple! love your jewelry :) enjoy the rest of your week off. i'm already back to school after mine.. oh how time flies when you don't want it to.

  3. such fun jewelry and im currently obsessed with stripes so i love your dress!

  4. Oh you are so pretty!! I cant get over it. And I am obsessed with your coach bag. My goodness! Where did you get that amazing thing?! I want it!! Have a great weekend girl. I cant believe you are graduating!! Eeep! I am so excited and happy for you..cant wait to see pictures of the day. xo

  5. This may a stupid question, but how do you get a lens flare in your photos like you did in photo 1? Just curious. You two look as adorable as always.

  6. Kuleigh- Thank you darling!

    Amelia- Thank you! My break has gone by so fast!

    Anita- Thank you<3

    Ilene- Stripes are the best!

    Kate- Oh geez, I just love you! The coach bag was a gift, but it came from the coach outlet store in silverthorne, colorado! <33

    Cassie- Not a stupid question! All you have to do is have your lens facing the sun, or in direct sunlight! <33