March 16, 2011

Tempe Coffee Outing

First off I want to say that all the details for the Arizona Blogger Meet-up that Danielle, Kelsey, and myself are hosting on March 26th have been posted and can be found right here on Danielle's blog.

Now, I know many of you have already seen parts of this outfit, but I still wanted to share the full ensemble. Scott and I were in downtown Tempe getting some coffee before class and we decided to go for a walk in one of our favorite small neighborhoods, the Maple/Ash neighborhood.

Carribean polarized sunglasses: Ray Bans; Cardigan: Banana Republic; Silk tunic: Lucky Brand; necklace: vintage, gift from Scott; bracelet: Kate Spade; Bag: vintage, purchased at a thrift store in Utah; Jeans: Levi's; Sandals; Coffee Cozy: gift from Oh, Sweet Joy

On this particular afternoon it was super windy, which is very strange for Phoenix, but I decided to enjoy it to its fullest and wear a silky top that could flow in the wind. My dad actually picked out this shirt for me and gave it to me as a Christmas present two years ago. He definitely has style and taste and always seems to pick out the most funky garment in the store. I love him for that though!

Lately I've been rocking these Ray Bans that I picked at Nordstroms Rack last fall. I paid more than half price for them, and the next day Scott and I went to the regular Nordstroms and saw the exact same glasses for full price (retail around $189 since they are polarized). At the time I was so excited about my major score, but decided to set them aside for awhile, as I was too obsessed with my dark colored lenses. I am happy to say that they are out of hiding them and I'm rocking them all of the time. I just love the tortoise print and brown lenses!

This bag is also one of favorite (thrifted) scores. I picked it up at a local thrift store in Logan, Utah about four years ago. I adore the tooled leather, and the size and shape is right up my alley. It holds all of my things, which is very rare for any purse I seem to fall in love with.

Spring break has been off to a good start. So far Scott and I have gone to a spring training game, went to the movies (saw Rango), did a bit of shopping, and went out to dinner a few times. We have also made a few stops back at campus for some holiday school work (don't you just hate). All in all its been a wonderful week!

Are you on Spring Break right now? Have any plans? If not, are you doing anything fun this week?


  1. nothing too much planned for spring break. this month is just busy with getting ready for a handmade market - but other than spending time with family and wedding planning. :)

    love your top - that print is fantastic!!

  2. Love me some tortoise print glasses too! SO fab! Also, that bag is amazzzzing! I live in Logan and have never found a bag that cute! Love it!

  3. I'm in LOVE with that bag. I've been trying to find one in an antique/thrift store to carry around as a camera bag. AHHH, so jealous!

  4. Your shirt is great and I love that you dad picked it out. He's got some serious taste! Oh and I'm totally jealous you found your glasses for such a steal. I lost my polarized raybans in the ocean when a giant wave knocked me down and I haven't had the heart to spend the $$ on a new pair... One day I'll find a new pair, for cheap... I just have to hold out and look around! Happy Wednesday =)

  5. love those shades girl! and that hair! i'll never get over it.

  6. I like that kind of bags so much. It's totally adorable and it doesn't look like a sack. and also your sunglasses...oh...i haven't enough words to express my ..emmm...feelings!

  7. Go daddy bird! haha How cute he did a good job! I love those little houses in those neighborhoods! Love your bag and that it fits so much inside AND is adorable! Coffee soon!! xo

  8. Cute look! I would probably faint dead away if my dad ever picked out clothing for me, let alone having it look good. heehhee! This outfit looks great on you so let him know we said so. My favorite though is that gorgeous leather bag of yours. You are too lucky to have thrifted that. I only ever find them for lots of money at antique stores. I hope your Spring Break keeps going well and you have lots of fun!

  9. That is such a cute top. I love the pattern! Also, it's always great to stumble onto fellow Phoenician bloggers!

  10. oh miss chelsea, you are just too cute. i am jealous of the sunshine in these looks so sunny and pretty and warm (as you stated in your tweet, "too" warm, hehe) we just hit 12 degrees here so that's a sure sign spring is on it's way!! i can't wait to be able to wear sandals like you are!!

    ps: i love love love your sunnies...and i have a few tooled leather bags as well, faves!!

  11. This is a really cute outfit.. love the bag! :)