March 24, 2011

Under the Train Tracks

Before the buckets of rain and cold weather hit Phoenix earlier this week it was sunny, warm and bright. I've been digging through my "warm weather" clothing and came across a few gems that I had forgotten about, like the tank top and cardigan I wore when Scott and I went on a mini adventure in Tempe. I just love finding clothes that you had previously loved so much.

Sunglasses: Ray Bans; Cardigan: Target; Tank top: Levi's; Bag: Coach; Jeans: Levi's; Boots: Justin's

Lately I've been digging this cowboy vibe, but it really has only gone as far as rocking my favorite pair of cowboy boots. I alway feel like a lady wearing them.

Scott and I took these photos under a bridge in Tempe. I have found memories of taking photos in this same spot years ago with Scott. I remember running across the road from the parking lot (where a turn is that most drivers zip by super fast on), and walking around the area taking photos of one another just for fun. Later we would go on top of the train tracks and take photos up there as well. We were so young (19 I would say), and had so much fun going on photo adventures. Things really haven't changed much!

While digging around for old clothing treasures I found this Coach bag that belongs to my mom. She got it for her birthday a handful of years ago, and lately it hasn't seen the light of day. I think the bucket style is really cute, and kind of rustic.

Even though I would consider myself a Northwest girl in a second (my mom is from Seattle), I really can't ignore my Southwest roots. The sun, cowboy boots, heat, cactus, and all things rustic area truly in my blood.

On a side note, this Saturday is the Arizona Blogger Meet-Up. I hope everyone can make it out to all the wonderful day activities Danielle, Kelsey, and I have planned. We are so excited to meet you all and can't wait for a day full of fun!

Are you a cowboy boots person? Are you into that whole rustic style?


  1. I vacillate between wearing them and not- I am loving them lately because I found two awesome vintage snakeskin pairs! I live in Texas, so it's a given you will have one pair for most of us, country girls or no.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  2. you are looking so hip today, miss chelsea! actually you always do ;) love that cardi and those boots

    hope you all have so much fun at your AZ meet-up!

  3. yes love those cowboy boots!! i've been in search for some vintage ones in the thrift stores but i haven't been getting lucky lately. :(

  4. i am loving your outfit posts more and more with each post! those boots are so pretty! i've been looking for the perfect cowboy boots for a long time, still haven't found 'em yet.

  5. Hooray cowboy boots! After moving from Mesa to Baltimore, MD 6 years ago to be with my boyfriend (now husband) I was hit hard with homesickness for the desert and have felt a certain nostalgia for the old west! I love seeing all the familiar places you visit, and am anxious to check out a few places I didn't know about next time I'm home! Way to rock the boots!

  6. Adorable boots, I love them! I've always sort of wanted cowboy boots... Maybe it's time to buy a pair...

    <3 Deanna

  7. your boots are gorgeous! have fun this weekend, i find myself wishing i lived closer. xo.

  8. I just realized that I was totally wearing that same cardigan today when we had breakfast together! Ah! haha Miss you all already!<3