April 9, 2011

Chandler Blogger Meet-Up

Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to meet-up with sweet bloggers that were (mostly) in town for Creative Estates. Ilene, Kim, Sandy, Lindsay, Nicole, Moriah, and Scott & I met up in the lobby of their hotel in downtown Chandler and decided to head to a local Mexican restaurant, Serranos, for some dinner (well, for them at least, Scott & I are early birds and ate with my grandma at 5:30 haha).

I had such a wonderful time meeting everyone, and chatting about blogging and all it entails. Sitting in the restaurant with some of my favorite bloggers felt surreal, and a little overwhelming. I'm a pretty shy person in real life (or so I think so), so when I meet new people I try to overcome my shyness and just chat with them like I've known them forever (which with some of them was super easy because I had already "known" them for quite some time).

Before we left Scott grabbed a few quick shots of us girls. I know he took photos on some of the other ladies' cameras, so keep your eyes peeled for those around the blogosphere.

Here is Ilene and I:

Ilene was such a sweetheart and easy to talk to. She is absolutely darling, and I had such a fun time talking with her about life and blogging. I sure hope our path cross again in the future!

Here is Sandy and I:

Sandy was super sweet and great to talk to. It was so neat to finally meet her, as I adore her blog and shop. She also had an amazing camera that blew Scott and I away, and it was neat hearing about how she handles taking her daily outfit photos and scheduling blogs with her full-time job that takes her all over the country.

I feel so blessed lately to have had the opportunity to meet so many awesome bloggers! I just love the blogging community, and all the wonderful friends I've made because of it!

What are you up to today?


  1. This is so awesome! It seems like you're getting to meet "everyone". First the AZ blogger meet up and now this! So lucky. ;) Thank you for sharing with us! I love love love Ilene, Sandy, Cole, and Kim! I'll have to check out the other ladies' blogs! I'm sure they're super awesome too.:D

  2. wait.. Chandler is where? AZ as well? we have a chandler in OK too.


    i want to be part of a local blogger meet up.
    so fantastic.

  3. hey! I just found you through Teika's "Guy Behind the Camera" series and I'm so glad I did! I'm from AZ too so it's so inspiring seeing your pics and what an awesome blogger you are! It really motivates me since I'm just starting out blogging.

  4. it was SO great meeting you chelsea! you are just as sweet in person as you are online. hope to meet up again soon! xo

  5. i loved our meet-up!!! you were such a good AZ host to us - and it was so fun to meet you and scott.

    and yeah, i'm with you - i totally hope we get the chance to meet-up again one day, friend!!!

  6. What an awesome opportunity!!!!! I love meeting up with bloggers! Theres a special connection. <3

  7. Loved meeting you and the others, Chelsea! You were an awesome AZ host to us Chandler tourists ;)

  8. I can't wait to attend a blogger meet up they seem like so much fun!

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