April 21, 2011

Chelsea Jean

Yesterday was quite the busy day. I got ready a little later than I usually do, stopped by my local Coffee Bean (a little late as well), had lunch with Scott, headed downtown for class, shot these photos about five hours later, did a phone interview with the sweetest lady, and went over to Courtney's apartment for a little Illustrator help and to chat about blogging and such. It sure was a full day, but I enjoyed it (even though the stress of the day got to me a few times, I knew it was nothing that couldn't be smoothed out).

Jean jacket: Levi's; Grey top: Khols; Floral skirt: Nordstroms; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Amethyst microfiber, footless tights: c/o We Love Colors; Silver flats; Gap

For the past few years I have been in search of two things: one being a leather jacket that fits just right, and two, the perfect jean jacket. When I was growing up I had a dark jean jacket from Levi's that I remember loving. Not too long ago I found it in a box and was heartbroken when it didn't fit (too big), but that just made my mission for the perfect jean jacket seem that much more urgent (seeing my old duds seriously light a fire underneath me). So when I found this one at my local Levi's store, I just knew it had to be mine (we'll call it an early birthday present).

I really felt wonderful in this outfit. The colors just seemed to all work together (I love the look and feel of my We Love Colors tights), and the jean jacket just felt like me. Do you ever put on something and just know it's you? I usually feel that way about cardigans, and skinny jeans, but it was nice to put on something you hadn't worn in years and get that feeling where you just know the garment works perfect with your style (jean is my middle name, well, not really, but it should be).

While out shooting these photos Scott and I also snapped a couple of photos of myself in my cap and gown for my college graduation. I wanted a little photo of myself in my graduation entire to send along with my announcements. Scott and I were joking around about doing an outfit post out of the photos, but now it's something I'm seriously considering for the big day (and what's underneath the gown, of course).

This morning I plan on picking up my favorite iced coffee from Lola Coffee, going to my Photojournalism class, and then meeting up with Danielle and little Henry for lunch and a little chat. It's going to be a great day!

What's the one item that you just put on, or see and say "this is so me"? Are you a jean jacket fan? What are you up to today?


  1. I LOVE those We Love Colors tights so much. Every time you wear a pair I just die over them. I think I need some. The entire outfit is so pretty.

    I get really attached to certain cardigans and jeans and hoodies, and wear them constantly. Too much. They're just so comfortable! : )



  2. Cute tights! I need a good jean jacket.

  3. love the tights and the skirt! and im def a fan of jean jackets. i love the more tight fitting ones only cuz i look swallowed up if i wear the boxy ones. love the one you have on!!!

  4. A nice, fitted blue or violet dress is "so me," when I can find just the right one. Otherwise, a killer pair of skinny jeans and grey v-neck or a cute, patterned, blousey top is "so me" nearly every day of my life.

  5. Oh, and P.S. I will email you soon about our acid reflux soul sister-ness and adventures in healthy bodies. <3

  6. Sounds like you had a fantastic day & getting to chat blogs, um... SO great! I'll be doing that this weekend, can't wait!

    And it looks like you had a fabulous outfit to enjoy your day that much more. Your tights are positively adorable (must get some) and that jacket is SO fantastic on you! Happy Thursday. xx veronika

  7. This is such a beautiful outfit! Love it on you! <3

  8. love your floral skirt! and oooh a mysterious phone interview with a sweet lady hmmm? :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. You look so gorgeous in that outfit!!

  10. omg i posted all about my levi's jean jacket today too! twins! lol


  11. So cute!! ;)



  12. Absolutely love this outfit!
    I'm a sucker for jean jackets as well, and your styling of this skirt/jacket/tights is so springy :)

  13. i LOVE this outfit, so much! coveting that MBMJ bag.

  14. I have a blue hoodie that, when I wear it, feels so "me". :) I love finding that one perfect, comfortable peice of clothing!