April 22, 2011

Coffee Bean

On the weekends I like to visit my local Coffee Bean and sometimes sit for hours working on my blog, homework, and emails. I've been going to Coffee Bean pretty much since I started at ASU, and always seem to get lot of work done there. It's kind of my home away from home.

Cardigan: Gift from my mom; Blouse: Nordstroms; Leather bracelet: J Crew/gift from Scott; Jeans: Levi's; Butter wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes

Since I've been going to this Coffee Bean for so long, all the employees pretty much know me by name and can always guess my drink order. They're all familiar with Scott as well, and usually if one of us goes in without the other the baristas will ask where the other is.

I just love the atmosphere at this Coffee Bean. Although it is a corporate coffee company, all the baristas seem to still really care about the drinks they are making, and always offer up their advice to customers who are not sure what to get. They're also really kind there about letting me sit for hours, using their free wifi (always buy a drink though, plus a refill).

I'm a big fan of their iced coffees, in fact, other than Lola's its my favorite.

Where do you consider your home away from home?


  1. Love the orange and turquoise accents on the dress! And it's perfect with those jeans and heels. : )



  2. Those shoes are to die for! So pretty!

  3. I have my favorite local coffee place too where most of the employees know me by sight, if not by name (it helps that my fiance used to work there). But the coziness and comfort of a coffeeshop where you can hole up in a corner and work on a computer with endless warm drinks all day is hard to beat. Thanks for this little look into your favorite spot. And cute outfit - I love those shoes!

  4. I wish there was a cozy coffee place like that around my neighborhood. Unfortunately my area is littered with Starbucks. When I went to school in Waco,TX my home away from home was this adorable coffee shop called Common Grounds, totally relaxed, homey, and a great place to meet new people! I miss it :(

  5. everyone needs a local coffee shop! love your top!

    <3 steffy
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  6. love your shoes! such a cute colour and pattern!