April 30, 2011

Green Vegetarian

The other day I had a craving for this amazing sweet and sour bowl that one of my favorite local vegetarian restaurants, Green, serves. So Scott and I took a break from our studies and drove to Scottsdale for a lunch date.

It had been awhile since Scott and I had been to Green, so it was nice to walk into the restaurant and see new paintings hung up on wall, and also a new seating area (complete with handmade tables).

Scott and I both got my favorite dish, the sweet and sour bowl. It has brown rice, crispy tofu (you can get fresh or mock chicken instead), tons of veggies, pineapple, and apples all covered in a sweet and sour sauce. To say it was anything but amazing would be an understatement. I just love this dish.

Do you have any great vegetarian restaurants in your town? What's your favorite dish from there?


  1. That looks amazing, I want to eat it now!! :)



  2. Wow, this looks seriously SO good. I am such a sucker for anything with lots of veggies and tofu hehe. You have me hungry now, and its only 8 AM! Breakfast here I come....hope you're well Chels!! xoxox

  3. Yummy! I wish we had more places for vegetarians like this from where I live.

  4. Yum! We have a great vegan diner and I love their biscuits and gravy. Mmmm...



  5. Ah yum! There's a bunch in Boston. I haven't been to this one, but there's an awesome vegan pizza place called, "Peace o' Pie." I've been dying to go there!

  6. Yum I wish I had a vegetarian restaurant like this near me. I would totally eat there all the time.

  7. oh wow that dish looks amazing! i ate a vegan cupcake in austin texas last month that was outstaning :) nothing near me though i dont think! all the spanish food has lots of meat!

    <3 steffy
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  8. I am a fairly new pescetarian, but I'm considering going veggie all the way. I don't know of many vegetarian restaurants here in SoCal, even though I'm sure there are. Next time I'm in AZ I'll have to check out Green Vegetarian!

  9. Oh my gosh that looks SO YUMMY. And you match the restaurant :)

    There's a veggie place in Ottawa called Green Door and it's always good. It's sort of like a buffet and you pay by weight at the end. They make an incredible vegan raspberry pie. xo

  10. I used to love veggie fun in tempe but i think it's long gone:( There's a place called Guru's where I live now that has a ton of variety or vegetarian dishes and they really know what they're doing with spices and varying flavour.

  11. That looks amazing!
    My fave veggie place in London is called Mildred's, and they do the most amazing burgers in the world. Couple one of those with some of their delicious sweet potato fries, and then some of their vegan cheesecake and you've got an amazing meal!
    It's quite expensive, so I usually only go there every year on my birthday!! I've got just oven a month to wait! haha! :) x

  12. i love that place! we sat at that table right over his shoulder :)

  13. There are NO vegetarian restaurants in Springfield! Can you even believe it?

  14. ooooh that looks delish! such colorful, yummy pictures!!!

  15. I LOVE GREEN! I usually get the mongolian bowl and the lemonade. SO GOOD. sheesh... now I want to go there tomorrow! i wish it wasn't so expensive :(


  16. That looks so great! Oddly enough we have a place called The Green Sage, it's mostly geared toward vegetarians but does have a few dishes that are for carnivores like me :] In our area I don't think there could be an entirely vegetarian place! It wouldn't make it! We're a bit redneck ;-)
    xo Shannon