April 16, 2011

Record Store Day!

Happy Record Store Day!

Today is the day when everyone should take a little time out of their day and peruse their local record shop, searching for hidden gems and favorite records. Last year Scott and I celebrated by hitting up a few local record shops, like Zia and Stinkweeds, and also took part in a little block party in the Stinkweeds parking lot. This year we plan on stopping by Stinkweeds again for a little Record Store Day fun!

Cardigan: gift from my mom; Button-up: Nordstroms; Handmade bag: gift from Scott; Watching: c/o Tikkr Watches; Jeans: Levi's; Booties: Jeffrey Campbell

The other day after class Scott and I were in Chandler (a suburb of Phoenix) and decided to stop into Zia Records for some record window shopping. This same Zia is actually where Scott and I celebrated his birthday together for the first time (his bday is four days before our anniversary). His band at the time was playing a show there, and I remember bringing him a giant cheesecake as a belated birthday gift. To this day I bake him a cheesecake every year for his birthday. Baking it is always a sweet little reminder of our past, and also of our future (I see SO many cheesecakes in our life together).

Last year Scott made me this little tote out of a vintage pillowcase. It's such a pretty bag, and perfect for when I don't want to carry a ton of things around with me.

Because of the little story stated above, this Zia will always hold a little special place in my heart. If I can remember right, I do also believe that Kristine was there as well. At the time we had mutual friends (a few of them were playing that show too), and I just know I saw her there in the crowd. Funny how things come around full circle when you get older.

Scott and I really love collecting vinyl. A few of my favorites we have are Copeland's Beneath the Medicine Tree, all the Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin albums, and also a few Shin's albums that I picked up for Scott in Colorado last December.

What are you doing to celebrate Record Store Day? Do you collect vinyl?


  1. We're going around Ottawa to browse the record stores! We're looking for the special Radiohead EP they're releasing for today!! xo

  2. Record store day is so fun, but today I cant go out im supposed to stay at home because of my health :( :(

  3. ahhh i am working today.
    sent jer to the record shop for me with a little list. hopefully he can find what i'm looking for!

    on twitter you posted you were looking for grad dresses! firstly CONGRATS and secondly did you end up finding one you liked?!?!

  4. I love your tote bag! Such a sweet gift.

  5. we have a small collection of vinyl - they seem so much more special!

  6. Love your booties and tote! I want to pick up a record player from a thrift store this summer so I can start collecting albums. I love the quality.

  7. first as always LOVE the outfit, sweet chelsea!

    and second, i want to have a wall full of vinyl one day in my house. i'm sure i would have loved this record store!

  8. I love love love that last picture of you. Soo cute! Are you a natural blonde or do you lighten it? You have gorgeous hair!

  9. My man and I had a great record store day...went to Square Records and found a fantastic Akron local 7" from 1978 by a band called Teacher's Pet and finally found Crazy Rhythms by the Feelies. GOOD DAY.

  10. THAT BAG! I just fell in love. Time to go look for pillow cases;)

  11. I missed the Record Store Day note (though I'm not sure how, because I've read people alluding to it for a few weeks now) so I didn't celebrate in style. I did play The National yesterday, but that's only because it hasn't left our record player since I bought it on our Athens trip. :)

    What did you end up buying yesterday?

  12. A Handful of Haley - I am a natural blonde, but I may lighten it a bit :]

    Kaitlyn- We actually missed out on all the fun! ECK! We added the most recent Bright Eyes to our collection recently though :]