April 13, 2011

Retro Train Tracks

The other day I felt like a true 1950's lady. I woke up with this vision in my head of a striped t-shirt, high-waisted, long skirt, and a pair of pretty heels.

Shirt: H&M; Skirt: Vintage Pendleton, gift from Scott; Heels: Seychelles via Last Chance

I recently picked up these pretty heels at Last Chance in Phoenix. Lately I've been pushing myself to try new things, and a great pair of heels was on my list. They were also only $15, so buying them didn't hurt a bit. Since I've been a flats girl for most of my life, walking in them was no easy task. I hung on to Scott's arm as we walked down the street, and almost tripped on every little crack. They're going to take some getting used to, but I think they're worth the practice.

The wind was super fierce this day, and my hair truly did not want to cooperate with me. It wanted to wave wildly, and be free. If I would have been wearing a more flowy skirt, I just know I would have had a Monroe moment. So scandalous!

This week has been for lots of reading, writing, and time spent with my love. I honestly can't believe how fast time has just blown by this semester. I still have so much work to do, but I know everything will work out. I'm starting on a magazine style article that I'm super excited about (I'll give you a little hint, it's a profile piece on one of my favorite ladies), and I'm trying to wrap up taking all the photos I need for my portfolio in my Photojournalism class. Here's to productivity!

What has your day been like?


  1. The glorious sun is painting the land. I'm so excited for spring to begin where I live. I want to play housewife and garden and bake and drink sweet lemonade.

    I adore your skirt. It's so flattering, and the stripes compliment it sweetly.


    sugar plum kisses~
    amy x

  2. your hair looks super gorgeous in the second to last photo. i'd say the wind was working in your favor

  3. i really love this look. congrats on trying the heels - it's really good to try stuff out of our comfort zone!

  4. i love the skirt! I have a Saint James striped shirt I live in, I understand how much you love yours!

  5. i recognize this outfit - cuz i think you were rocking it when i met you...and i meant to tell you that i loved the top!

  6. i saw your adorable feature on anonymous was a woman! it melted my heart! i was apart from my lvoe for 2 months at one point and i know how hard it was! i love your outfit, and your hair is so pretty.

    <3 steffy
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  7. i love this look on you, chelsea! it's so classic and chic. I'm so happy you have decided to take a chance on heels. I always used to be a flat girl but when I got my job, I decided it would be the perfect time to transition to heels and though it's a rough start, once you break them in you won't even want to go back to flats. stay strong during the break in process! also, if they start to hurt or rub, my secret trick was dr. scholl's rub relief. look it up. it really helped me easy into heels!

    have a great week, girl!

    i wander, i wonder

  8. Love your striped shirt and long skirt it looks so great together!

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  9. I love the outfit, and really awesome photo location. I also am a flats girl trying to transition into heels. I think that high heel boots are a good transition shoe because they offer a bit more support then normal heels while your getting used to walking in them.

  10. cute outfit! what kind of nail polish is on your toes? it looks pretty

  11. This is one of my favorite outfits EVER! Gorgeous - the skirt, shirt, heels, hair, everything. : )



  12. looove your shirt! and the skirt is adorable too!