April 7, 2011

Rocking Stones

The other morning I woke up with this rock and roll state-of-mind. I had a vision of wearing lots of black, rocking a sweet headband, wearing a "rocking" ring, and attending a rock show to ward off those crazy school semester woes.

Ok, so maybe only a few of these ideas could be possible at this time (going to any kind of rock show is off limits this week, thanks homework), but I thought it would be fun to work with what I did have.

Headband: Target; Cardigan; Target: Black tank-top; Quartz ring: Stone and Honey; Bangle: Kate Spade; Levi's; Jeans: Levi's; Mary-janes: Dansko

Growing up I went to a lot of shows. In high school I went to one almost every weekend with my friends, and just loved spending the night singing along to all of my favorite songs. I remember having a somewhat "uniform" that I wore to shows, which usually included a tank top, jeans, closed-toe shoes, and a small cross-body purse to hold my essentials and tiny camera. Oh, and I always had my hair pulled up into a ponytail or a bun (my hair was really long in high school too).

This outfit definitely reminds me of my high school show uniform, and for me was a fun little reminder of the past. Ya know, those days that I would stand in line for hours just to see Brand New, The Format, and Fall Out Boy (shhh don't tell anyone that).

On another note, for months now I've been lusting over everything in the Stone and Honey shop, but mostly over their quartz and gold rings though. For awhile I couldn't justify spending the money on one, but after months of saving money I received as a gift for Christmas, I decide to splurge and buy something I truly wanted.

I bought the large quartz and gold ring a few weeks ago, and was so excited when it came in the mail the other day. It was a bit bigger than I was expecting (size of ring and quartz, although the website does say sizes of quartz do vary), but I am happy to say that I absolutely love it and it's the perfect statement ring. I've already received some sweet comments about it, and have thought about how I could use it as a weapon if anyone ever tried to mug me. Pieces that are fashionable and functional are my favorite thing! :]

What is/was your concert uniform? What do you think about statement rings?


  1. I like your look especially the shoes!!! I am Giula by the way... I blog over Another Diamond Day! I am a new blogger and I am loving it so far! Have a fun day!

  2. dig those accessories, haha yes quartz knuckles- they're all the rage these days :) hey a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

  3. Looove that cardigan! And that ring is gorgeous, it's perfect with this outfit. :)

  4. Cutest post ever today!! I laughed throughout :) and oh my gosh soooo many concerts in high school for me too. I used to wear a black tshirt, denim mini and my converse. Usually went without a purse & put things in the pockets of boy friends haha :) xo

  5. I LOVE everything about your outfit!! You ROCK dansko shoes, many people can't rock them!!!

  6. that ring is so awesome! what an unusual piece!


  7. ahhh you are so cute Chels. I love this post, and you!

    Also: super cute ring.

  8. You look great in gray! I love that headband too. My concert outfits always reflect the venue, well, if it's my man's show that is... That way I can see what it's like before I have to get ready, haha! It always depends on how hot/cold or how crowded it will be. I usually like to wear a cute tank and jeans or a skirt. Jewelry is always fun, I love that statement ring! :)

  9. So cute! Love stone & honey! And your hairs!

  10. Another Diamond- Thank you & nice too meet you!

    Amelia- Thanks doll! Oh, and yes, I will be well protected while wearing it haha

    Michelle- Thank you! <33

    Emily- Awwwwwh, thank you! You're making me blush :]

    Biscuit- Thanks girl! I bought the Danskos last summer because of their amazing support. I am just now finally breaking them in though haha :] <33

    B.-Thank you! I'm loving it!

    Danielle- Thank you! It always makes me happy when I see that you've let a comment<33

    Claggie- Thank you! I bet you always looks super cute at shows! I remember when Scott was in a band I would always get dressed up for his shows haha :]

    Coury- Awwh, thank you! I first saw Stone and Honey on your blog and just knew I had to have one! :]

  11. So cute. LOVE that ring, but I'm pretty sure I already told you via Twitter. ;)

  12. Chelsea I love this post so much!!! Love your outfit, that amazing ring and of course the last photo of you :) So super cute!

  13. Ok, first of all I love your embarrassment over standing in line for hours to see your fave high school bands. SO TRUE. Sometimes I think back and just think, "Ohhh my goodness. I was just so different back then."

    I only recently found a statement ring (that goes across multiple fingers) that I really enjoyed. It was a dainty little feather. I still don't think they're very "me" though. I really like that quartz piece.

  14. Wow you're very lucky! I've only ever been to one concert (DC Talk - before they broke up). My family was always very poor when I was growing up and even now that I'm a grownup I'm stlll rather poor! Sigh... I need to work on that.