April 25, 2011

The Sirrine House

Have you ever seen something in your neighborhood that you know you have driving past a million times before but have never noticed it. Well, while driving to see The Black Keys the other week Scott and I drove past the sweetest looking old house that I must have driven passed so many times growing up, but for some odd reason never saw it there (or maybe I just wasn't that into vintage homes back then, maybe).

Dress: Target; Rust microfiber tights: c/o We Love Colors; Oxfords: Steve Madden

The Sirrine House was built in 1896 by Joe Sirrine for his new bride. Today it sits as a beautiful landmark, and also a historic home that offers guided tours from October through March (although I read that tours may be on hold due to budget cuts in the city).

The home has three rooms, and an amazing wrap-around porch. In the 1980's it was restored to its original state after years of different occupants inhabiting it. I found no creepy stories about it, but I can only image the stories that the sturdy, old walls hold.

This Victorian era home has everything I love about old houses (and I can't even see the inside!). It has the most beautiful brick, pretty trimming, and the prettiest picket white fence that surrounds the home and the land it sits on. It would be the perfect home to live in!

The house has this wonderful white fence surrounding it. I really wanted to sit on it, but I was just a little too short to jump up on it on my own. You should have seen Scott lifting me up to set me on it. Such a funny site!

The house also has its own gazebo right next to it! It would be the most perfect place for an afternoon spent reading, sipping iced coffee, and having a picnic lunch.

This particular afternoon I brought along Scott and I's Canon AE-1 to take a few photos. I am making it my goal to take more photos on our SLR cameras. Film always seems to make the photos we take that much more special.

Tokyo Dreamer Strap: c/o Photojojo

I truly love this little home and foresee lots of photos on its pretty porch.

Do you have any historical homes in your neighborhood that are on display?


  1. Great outfit!!! Love the red tights!



  2. I know I say this all the time but srsly your hair is AMAZING.

  3. love these red tights!! and I love your blog.. just came across it!

    that house is cute.. I see things newly since I have been doing my fashion blog and my photography.. now I drive by and say HEY< I never noticed this before!!

    have a super day!! xoOj

  4. i agree with liz- your hair is so beautiful...and healthy! i would love to see a tutorial on how you color/style/maintain your hair. it's gorgeous.

  5. love the yellow and red combo! and the sirrine house is really cool, glad you found it!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  6. I totally agree about film! I just love shooting film when I can :) You look amazing in your yellow dress. I am so pleased to have found your blog through Veronika at Girl and Closet!

  7. Neat house!

    I live in a small town in WV named Eleanor, after Eleanor Roosevelt. It was established in 1934 during the Great Depression as part of the New Deal programs. There are houses along the main road (most have been added to or remodeled) that are part of the original 'Eleanor' houses. They are small (maybe 600 sq feet?) and all look similar. People live in them, so you can't tour them though.

  8. I love your dress! The colors are awesome. Also that house is so cool! I don't know if my town has any historical houses, but there are plenty of old churches at my school and some of the architecture is amazing.

  9. Thats a pretty gazebo! I am drooling at your tights!

  10. It looks so cute! I had no idea that this existed.


  11. fun location! and cute red strap matching your tights:)

  12. That's such a cute house!! I wish I could get a look inside. :)

    & you look adorable in your oxfords. <3

  13. Seriously LOVE your outfit and amazing hair. And that house is just too darling for words!

  14. those tights are soooo pretty!!! love the yellow dress too :)

  15. what a pretty place and gazebo. i love gazebos. and you m'dear, look absolutely adorable as per usual. i love how you always have a great, fun pair of tights on. it totally changes the look of the outfit!!

  16. You're gorgeous in these pictures!!! Yellow is your colour! Beautiful! Also, I love antique homes but definitely nevvvvver appreciated them growing up (haha and I grew up in a place with SO MANY gorgeous old homes) xo

  17. i have funny memories of this house. went there after a field trip to the science center during elementary school (lived in snowflake at the time). anyway, i've always thought it was pretty too!

  18. that outfit is so freaking cute!