April 11, 2011

Spring Showers

This weekend Phoenix was hit with a rain shower that lowered the temperatures into the 40's (it was 100 degrees last weekend!), and because of it my outfit for Saturday changed drastically. It felt like fall once again, and I found comfort in some of my favorite pieces from my fall/winter wardrobe.

Umbrella: purchased in a London Eye gift shop during a unexpected rain store in London; Cardigan: Frenchi; Peace necklace: gift; Rose bag in pewter: c/o Jo Totes; Dress: Old Navy; Maroon footless tights: c/o We Love Colors; Boots: Steve Madden

April of Jo Totes was kind enough to send me this pretty Rose bag, and ever since I got it in the mail last weekend, it hasn't left my side. For ages now I have been searching around for a good camera that could double as a purse. Well, I have to say that I am just smitten with all my new Jo Tote has to offer. First off, I am a huge fan of how padded the bag is. It's pretty lightweight, and can be worn as a cross-body, or just over the shoulder. It has room for all my things, and with the changeable padded inserts my camera stays safe and protect from all my regular purse essentials.

I also love how I can take out the inserts and slide my laptop in there for when I need to carry it around school. It's such a great bag and I have a feeling it will be going on many photo adventures with me. Jo Totes recently got in a smaller cross-body camera bag, the Millie, and I think it would be a perfect bag for when you just need something smaller.

Since Saturday was so chilly, Scott and I went on a coffee date to Starbucks to get a few hot drinks (I was craving a latte), and then we headed to the movie theater to see Arthur. We both really enjoyed the movie (and the entire box of red vines we ate). This week we have plans to see Water for Elephants and maybe something else as well. I really adore going to the movies, and definitely find it relaxing after a stressful day.

I have plans to do a "what's in my camera bag" post soon, but for now here is a peek at what was in my Jo Tote during our little rainy day photo session:

What did you do this weekend?


  1. ooh that umbrella is so cute.
    i'll be in london in a week...maybe i should buy one.
    actually, i know i should. it'll definitely be rainy.


  2. Love the whole outfit and I want your umbrella!

  3. I think I have the same EXACT cardigan. cuhrazy. love the chartreuse and gray together. cute bag:)

  4. I Looooove your outfit. Especially the cardigan and the tights with the boots. Completely gorg.

  5. first off loved the bag!!!! ;)
    and the whole outfit is perfect...those boots and tights rock!!!

  6. I need to look into getting one of those bags. I was just complaining to Aaron about how I was so much camera stuff now that my current bag is teensy and NOT CUTE. lol I want that bag!

  7. in the uk it was sunny all weekend for a change! so i was wearing spring outfits. i love the outfit you're wearing on this post :-) x