April 1, 2011

Sweet as Pie

Happy April!
Scott and I are spending the weekend in Yuma, Ariz. with my family, but I still wanted to update you all on what I've been up to this week. Oh, and don't forget to check out all my lovely new sponsors!

The other day I broke out of my comfort zone and wore almost all light colored clothing. Generally I always have to have something dark on it, whether it be dark jeans, dark colored shirt, or cardigan. For some reason though I was a little springy and light and decided to pair some of the lightest pieces of clothing I own together (kind of a big stretch if I do say so myself).

Flower headband: Maie Dae; Cardigan: gift from my mom; Sweet as Pie t-shirt: c/o Dressing on the Side; Cords: J Crew; flats: Target.

Scott could really tell that I took the extra effort this day, and complimented my ensemble multiple times throughout the day. I am pretty sure that means this outfit is a winner in his book, and is something I will be trying to re-create throughout the season.

I purchased this pretty headband from Maie Dae back in December and instantly fell in love with it when I opened the cute package it was placed in. I've worn it a few times since I got it, but really felt like it was the perfect addition to this light outfit.

This shirt reminds me of this amazing pie place about 45 minutes outside of Phoenix. I've been stopping at this middle of nowhere restaurant/pie shop for years, and always love making a trip up there for pecan and fruit pies. Right now I don't have any reason to drive so far just for pie, so if you know any good places to get pie in the Phoenix Metropolitan area pass them along to me please!

This week I've been busy with school, blogging about the Arizona Blogger Meet-up, and getting ready to come to Yuma. Scott and I have been so busy lately, and I don't see things slowing down anytime soon. I don't mind though! I am so happy with my life and I wouldn't have things any other way!

What would you call your outfit comfort zone? And what's not in your comfort zone?


  1. I never wear dresses or skirts. But I am sort of a tom boy, so I don't like wearing them. :) I like jeans, t-shirts (or tank tops) and cardigan sweaters with flats. I pretty much hate everything else! HAH! :) YOU LOOK ADORABLE!!!!

  2. My comfort zone is DEFINITELY a pair of dark skinny jeans, a pretty/printed cotton top or t-shirt, and a light cardigan on top. Cute flats. Probably a necklace or a chunky ring. If I didn't watch myself, I'd only wear that outfit every day of my life.

    High-waited things are not in my comfort zone, but I work really hard to be brave and try them out. It's hard because I'm super short-waisted and sometimes I look really tiny and scrunched when I wear things at my natural waist.

  3. aww so adorable. the shirt is super cute & i love that oversized headband on you- the dark compliments your light hair

  4. I love the soft colors of this outfit. Seriously, makes me want grey skinnies now, because you look awesome!

  5. you should break out of your comfort zone way more often. i think because of your hair, it totally works for you!! breaking out of my comfort zone for me is pinks, lace, ruffles, all that girly type of stuff and i am trying my hand at it...this spring in fact! i'm excited.

  6. That pale pink color looks so good on you!! Flower handband is awesome as well!
    High-waisted belted shorts, cute tops, flats and my new pants are in my comfort zone:)


  7. Very cute! The light colors look great on you, and the dark headband is the perfect touch! I can't leave without a cardigan, I think half my wardrobe consists of cardigans. It's the cliche librarian in me. It's nice to know there are others who have to fold up JCrew cords too!!

  8. dark colors are comfort, dress, leggings and boots all good, out of it? jeans (i have issue with jeans) light colors definitely, and sandals are soo out of my comfort zone

    :D I love your outfit and headband <3

  9. Very cute! I think you look good in light colors too.

  10. Great outfit I love the tee!! So Cute!! The flower headband is cool too!

  11. Love the outfit! My comfort zone is skinny jeans and either a fitted or flowy top. Dresses and skirts are fun to wear but for me require a lot more thought that my usual!

  12. I wear Fall colors all year round too! I really love this Pie shirt, you look so pretty! the light colors and your hair is a great combo! I will be happy to drive with you that far for pie!!