April 6, 2011

The Traveling Bag

There's this old saying that if you take photos right around sunset, then they are bound to turn out beautiful no matter what. Well, the other day I shot these photos at sunset in Scott's backyard and I have to say that I'm really impressed with the way all the colors turned out. With all the yellows and oranges you would almost think it's fall, but nope, it's just some more of Arizona's wacky wacky weather and lighting.

Cardigan: Banana Republic: Blouse: Last Chance; Bow Belt: Darlingtonia Moccasins; Burnt orange watch: c/o Tikkr Watch; Traveling bag: Le Mode Accessories; Jeans: Levi's

Recently I received this bag in mail from Adored Austin. Since January it has been making its way around the country, visiting different bloggers along the way. I really liked seeing the way Tieka styled it, and Tania too. I had fun pairing it with an every day outfit for school. It was the perfect bag to carry a few notebooks and folders, along with all my regular purse essentials.

Today I have class in the afternoon, and plan on working on homework and doing errands beforehand. I've been working on a magazine article that is near and dear to my heart for over a month now, and today is the day that it's due. Here's to hoping my professor loves it enough to feature it in a local magazine!

What does your favorite school bag look like?


  1. these pictures are beautiful! And i love your belt! hope your article goes over well!

  2. that belt is just the cutest. and good luck with your article!! :) i hope you get it.

  3. i have the camel one and LOVE it - that belt is so cute too!!

    i really hope i get to see you this week, girl ;)

  4. Adorable, as always! I love that belt, cutest thing ever and that bag is fabulous -love how you styled it up. My fave school bag was a tassled vintage mailman style bag, in dark brown leather, loved that thing! xx veronika

  5. I loooove your hair is so pretty :'( I remember when mine was that lon <3 Anyway I love the colors in the first pic, and the whole traveling bag idea sounds so fun, that bag will have something to tell to its children on the future lol

  6. So curious -- what's your article about? Will you share the topic now that you're done?

    Love your belt. I need to buy one soon. Perhaps I should ask for it for my birthday... which color did you buy?

    Love this outfit especially. Not sure why. Maybe because it looks so comfy and casual but is still really pretty. It's really reflective of my style, I think.

  7. Your hair is soooo amazing. I wish I could grow mine out that long!
    Your style is just so effertless, Chelsea!
    That bag is beautiful, too. I changed bags so often in school...okay, I still do :)

  8. Ontheblock- Thank you so much! :]

    Amelia- Thanks! <3

    Marissa- Thank you!

    Ilene- I'm so excited to hang out!

    Andthis- Thanks!

    Girl and closet- Your school bag sounds amazing!

    Miss Lou- Awwh, thanks darling!

    Kaitlyn- I'm going to leave you a comment on your blog<33

    DanielleJeanne- Thank you! I appreciate your kind words so much! You're such a sweet lady<33

  9. sunset photos really are magical. it's the perfect light and these pictures prove that.

  10. That purse is really adorable, as is your cute bow belt! :)

    star-crossed smile