April 17, 2011

Weekly Ritual

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I go to Lola Coffee in downtown Phoenix. Now, I know I've posted about Lola so many times, but the truth is that I just love it there and cherish every morning that I get to stop in. From the quaint building it sits in, to the smell of coffee roasting, to the unique furniture spread across the room, and to the brick walls that scream "take photos in front of me," Lola is just one of those places that I hold special in my heart.

I just love these windows, and the pretty view from them.

Some of the best pastries around!

Pretty, fresh flowers make my heart swoon.

What is one of your favorite weekly rituals?


  1. I can see why you love it - it's gorgeous!

    During school, I don't have much time for coffee rituals, but during the summer I love to go to Salt Lake Roasting Company. I've been going with my dad since I was a little, little girl, so it just feels so homey and cozy and comfortable. : )



  2. It looks so pretty :) I wish I could find a gorgeous little coffee shop around my area - just having got into coffee too.

    Those flowers are gorgeous as well - I just love it when somewhere has fresh flowers rather than plasticy ones.

  3. Those flowers are beautiful! I love freesias so much! I haven't been to Lola, but perhaps your love for them is enough of a reference! =)

  4. My favorite weekly ritual is at a coffee shop too, it's actually a local bookstore with a coffee shop in it. I love it there since it's near the U, the women at the coffee shop know me already and my usual order is served quickly. The thing I enjoy the most is that since I've been going there I became friend with one of the employees and we have the greatest convo ever, about books, life, etc... Whenever I'm away from home that is one of the places I miss the most.

  5. When I was living in Manhattan, there was a neighborhood coffee shop much like this one with amazing pastries and yummy breakfast. I think it was in one of the scenes in Meg Ryan's movie, You've Got Mail. Since then, I have been searching for the perfect coffee house. Thanks for this post. I'm happy to come across a fellow Phoenix blogger and coffee shop connoisseur.

  6. oh wow - so this is where the magic happens! thanks for sharing. ;)

  7. That place is so adorable. And those pastries look delicious. I love having little rituals throughout the week. I always get a cup of tea on my way to classes and it just makes the day better.

  8. This is a perfect daily ritual. I don't have a consistent one like this, but every Monday and Wednesday I like to stop by Jobot Coffee to grab a drink before I start my day :)

  9. it looks like such a cute spot! i think it is necessary for everyone to have a go-to coffee shop!

    <3 steffy
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  10. I really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on their fav coffee shops! Glad to hear I'm not alone! XOXO