April 15, 2011

What's In My Camera Bag!

Today I thought I would give you all a little peek as to what was in my camera bag recently. Lately I've been dreaming of carrying around Scott's and I's Canon AE-1 film camera and taking pretty pictures with it. So I decided to carry my pretty Rose bag, courtesy of Jo Totes, around with some of our film camera equipment in it (along with a few purse essentials, of course).

From top left: telephoto lens plus converter attached to it, 32mm lens, Canon AE-1 plus 50mm lens attached, Coach card holder, Ray Ban sunglass case (classic wayfarer inside), Rosebud salve, LeSportSac bag holding my iPod Touch plus other odds and ends, Coach wallet, day planner.

The two lenses were found in Scott's house (literally found in a box), and the camera was purchased by Scott for $25 at Goodwill about a year ago.

Coach items were Christmas presents (I love them both dearly).

I bought the Rosebud salve after I saw a recommendation from Emily.

My planner and I are never separated. I need it to write down homework, schedule interviews, and to keep me sane.

What's in your camera bag?


  1. i want that bag!!!! i loved that i got to see it in "real life" - its so perfect. i kinda need one i think ;)

  2. i love this post, and that is the cutest camera bag ever!

    <3 steffy
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  3. Love the rosebud salve so much. I have the blue tin for spring and summer (which, oddly enough I began using again today!) and my minted version for winter.

    I want to do a camera bag post soon... I've been putting it off for ages. This is so cute, Chelsea!


  4. Ooh I love Jo Totes. I'm dying for a yellow one (so. good. for carrying around journalism paraphernalia!)

    Also-- ooh I'm glad you got Rosebud Salve...do you like it? It's my all-purpose, every day staple! Plus the cute tin doesn't hurt.


  5. love the bag and yes, im the same way with my planner!

  6. I love that bag - really, really pretty :)

  7. Can't wait to see what you shoot with your AE1. I have an old pentax, a couple of Holgas and a polaroid or 2 that I shoot film with :)

  8. I JUST got a jo tote in the moss color - love!

  9. your bag is too cute!! I have a tamrac backpack style bag, since I do a lot of hiking and getting dirty when I go out photographing.

    I keep my converter for my old pentax lenses to go on my Canon, a kit lens, a 55-200mm, a few filters, car keys, lipstick, mirror and extra batteries!

  10. What a cute bag! Love how full of goodies it is. I really need a camera bag... I'm going to Palm Springs on Tuesday loaded with camera supplies, but no camera bag. I'll shove it all into a tote, but I'll be unhappy about it. :(

  11. I LOVE these bags. Especially the yellow one. I need it!

    And - wait a second - you just FOUND two Canon lenses?! Lucky lady!



  12. Going backpacking. How can I carry backpack plus rather large camera bag?