May 16, 2011

Floral and Yellow

Now that school is over for a few months I'm excited to dedicate more time to blogging. Right now I am foreseeing lots of outfit posts, cute peeks at the towns I will be visiting, and stories of adventures I hope to go on.

Cardigan: from my mom; Blouse: Target; Camera necklace: gift from Le Mode Accessories; Clutch: Hobo International; Dot ring: gift from Vivi Dot; Jeans: Levi's; Shoes: Wanted

Before I head out of the state I am spending some quality time with Scott, and loving every minute of it might I add. We have already been going on adventures to some of our favorite places, and also checking out some new restaurants we didn't have the chance to check out while still in school.

On one of our recent adventures we headed down to Phoenix to go to Last Chance, a discount store that sells items from Nordstroms for a fraction of the original price. The store isn't the nicest, and some of the items can be very used, but every once and awhile you can find some real treasures in there. When we went I picked up this amazing Hobo International clutch for dirt cheap. I've been wanting an oversized clutch for awhile now, so I was so excited when I spotted this one for a great price.

This little camera was a sweet surprise birthday gift from Adrianna of Le Mode Accessories. It's really darling! Thanks Adrianna!

Today I'm enjoying more time exploring with Scott. I'm hoping to go on a breakfast date, and maybe on a walk as well. Wednesday I'm having all four wisdom teeth taken out, so I'm trying to do as many enjoyable things as I can before then.

What are your plans for the day? Have you had your wisdom teeth out? If so, what was your experience like? I'm nervous to get mine out!


  1. ooh that's a lemode necklace?! i love it!!! that clutch is so darling too :)

    as for the wisdom teeth, i got mine out when i was in college. i don't remember the actual procedure but afterwards it was more soreness and discomfort. just let scott spoil you like crazy and bring you whatever you need. ;) also be sure to hide all cameras so siblings or family or neighbors don't take black mail photos of you. (yes, that happened to me. my sisters were very kind.)

  2. Girl your hair is so pretty and long. I had a horrible time with my wisdom teeth, but then I heard that eating as much pineapple as possible a few days before the surgery helps a lot! I know it sounds crazy but I told my brother and he ate it for like a week and he had no trouble at all!

  3. That mustard clutch has stolen my heart. I really don't need another bag, but golly that is gorgeous!

    Must feel amazing to be done with school. Any fun things planned for the near future?

  4. Did someone say more outfit posts? Yay, I can't wait. And I love everything about this outfit -the pop of delicate florals, your gorgeous clutch, and that camera necklace is SO precious. Sounds like you have a fabulous summer ahead of you. xx veronika

  5. I love your little corner of the blog world. You are too cute!

    Stay Sweet,

  6. Congrats on graduating! I love the color of that clutch, perfect for summer.

  7. getting my wisdom teeth taken out was so easy for me--i just ate ice cream for 5 days straight! hopefully it goes well for you too! :)

    and I went to Last Chance one time when i was visiting in AZ and got a wallet for like a buck. It was awesome :)

  8. cute cardigan and clutch... i cant wait to see more outfit photos!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. have i told you before how obsessed i am with your hair?? geez. it's not even funny anymore...

    i love it.
    LOVE it!

    never cut it. never change it.

  10. That Hobo clutch is amazing! Isn't that leather on those bags just dreamy?! I have always wanted to buy a Hobo bag!

  11. that clutch is amazing! i have pretty bad luck at last chance.

    good luck with the wisdom teeth removal. it's not so bad...

  12. Lovely photos!! You look so cute and that clutch is the perfect color!

    Good luck on getting your wisdom teeth out! I haven't gotten mine out yet though they are growing in! :x !

    I had summer class and did some research stuff today...still kind of school mode unfortunately : / oh well, it's summer outsideee! :D

  13. Aww I LOVE this outfit! Such amazing colors and prints! Chelsea, I know you've heard this a million times but, you have the most perfect hair girl!!! :D

  14. i love that floral + yellow combo!!! that clutch is totally awesome!!

    caroline - pictures & words

  15. Congrats on graduation. I enjoyed all your tweets about it the other day. I look forward to all of your posts this summer.

  16. What a great clutch! I have a red ring just like if I weighed about 40 pounds less I'm sure I would look just as cute as you do! Hehe

  17. I was just having wisdom teeth surgery and extraction. I didn't think I would need so much care. remove wisdom teeth