May 20, 2011

Liberty Market Dinner Outing

On Mother's Day Scott and I took my grandmother out to Liberty Market for dinner. LB has quickly become our go-to restaurant for birthdays and special events, so I thought it was only fitting we go there on that day.

Liberty Minestrone, the most delicious soup in the area.

Scott's pizza and salad combo (the special of the day).

My salad and soup combo.

I just love their patio.

I just love Liberty Market. I could eat there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. If you live in the Valley and haven't check it out yet, I highly suggest that you do.

Is there a restaurant that you always go to for family celebrations?


  1. Yummmm looks SO delicious! I want to go!! I always go to The Lobby in Denver with my friends for brunch and ... well for lunch and dinner as well!

  2. oooh was this place you talked about taking us?! dang it - wish we could have gone! looks so fun and delish.

    hope your recovery is going smoothly, friend!!

  3. you make me really want to visit pheonix! if i swing by there during a cross-country road trip, we mus do lunch!


  4. ohh that place looks so cute! and the food delish!

  5. That all looks so very delicious!

  6. Looks yummy and the photos are so beautiful!