May 22, 2011

May Medium & Small Sponsor Highlight Post

Check out all my lovely medium and small sponsors:

"Tikkr Watches - TIKKR (tick-ur) watches surfaced when Cory (Stout) discovered a simple, stylish design overseas that was too fun to let sit on a pier somewhere off the coast of China. He wanted to make sure everyone in the states could sport a clean, durable, watch that added a twist of customization with each band. Watch out for more fresh, new accessories from TIKKR that will add a touch to your personal style."

The Paper Mama Shop - "I'm Chelsey. A wife to my best friend, and a new mommy to my sweet little girl, Laureli (a.k.a. Ruari). So far being a mama has been beautiful, surprising, and difficult all at once! On this path through mommy-hood I hope to enjoy life as much as I can (even when it seems impossible). I'm a crafter, scrapbooker, blogger, and finder of curious creative goods! I look forward to meeting all those amazing mama's out there and hope you enjoy my journey too."

Much Love, Illy - "The nickname illy comes from my best friend (now fiance! we're getting married!!). (...) i love life and try my best to savor every single sec of it. i'm learning and growing. not perfect but i'm living. the most important thing in my life is my relationship with Christ, followed with my love for Ryan and my family. a few of my favorite things include: art. writing. coffee. the color green. popcorn. music. movies. shopping. blogging. nailpolish. laughter."

The Veda House - "I’m Cassie and this blog is my little section of the internet where I can share all my random thoughts and all our little adventures. I live with “the boy” (Jake), our bitchy cat (Lucy) and the puppy that has so much energy (Porter). (…)I blog and take a bunch of photos, he collects ninja turtles and makes music. I drink lots of chocolate chai and collect handbags, vintage camera, paper cranes, and watch a ton of television series. We are slowly piecing together our little loft in St. Louis with found objects and furniture from other decades."

Fabric & Handle - "Founded in 2006 by Salinya Suthinarakorn, our mission has been the same for the last few years. Creating well designed, useful and stylish bags. We work with a small team of tailors and leather workers to guarantee the quality of our handmade bags. We believe that besides good design, it is craftsmanship and attention to detail that make the difference."

Niceties - "My name is Alice Jones and I am twenty-two years old. I live and work in central Wellington, New Zealand, but I grew up in the Wairarapa valley. Wellington is a beautiful city, but I am desperate to travel and would love to settle in Australia one day. I live with my boyfriend Charlie, our cat Wallace and our flatmate Matt. I spend eight hours a day at work on a computer immersed in current affairs, and then I come home and spend several more hours online doing my own thing- blogging, exploring, and Tweeting. I can be quite a quiet, shy person around strangers in real life, but I promise I'm really nice!"

Freckled Italian - "I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I was raised and currently reside in Virginia. I graduated from Longwood University in May of 2010 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Creative Writing. After graduation, I came back to my hometown and moved into an apartment downtown, got a full time job, and applied to graduate school at Hollins University. Now I'm working on my M.A. in Children's Literature. I love running, cooking, baking treats for the people I love, coffee, tea, sushi and laughing. I love to think and learn and watch movies and read books. I love meeting new people, so please stay a while and say hello."

The Soaktree - "My name is Jihee (it's easy, sounds like "G-He" haha). I am a student currently studying biology and hope to go to med school one day & own a successful bakery! I've recently found myself consumed with anything and everything crafts related and am so excited to have found such a giant community that share the same love for: cooking, baking, knitting, sewing, photography, films, music, fashion, and blogging of course!"

With Love From Michigan - "With Love From Michigan - Hello! My name is Brittni. I live in a small town in Michigan- I bet you guessed that, right? This is my blog about life and personal style. I started blogging in the summer of 2010 after I discovered that I wouldn't be getting a teaching job for the 2010-11 school year. This is my attempt to enjoy this season in my life instead of being depressed by it. Thanks for stopping by. I love my readers!"

Tea and Luv - "Hello to all the lovelies out there! My name is Leigh (pronounced LEE), and Tea and Luv is my lifestyle blog where I share everyday sentiments from my life, give my thoughts on bad reality tv shows (can we say guilty pleasure?), share my current obsessions that turn into inspirations for my writing and jewelry making and give you some helpful hints for new music to check out. I am basically a normal Southern State gal having fun while trying to keep her head above water all while putting myself and all my flaws out on the internet for the world to read."

Old Love in New Cities Etsy Shop - "As with all things beautiful, I wish them to continuously flourish long after they have left my hands. Keep checking back for more items added soon!

SublimeLite - "Hello there. My name is Danielle and this is my small part of the internet.I post what I see and I hope you find some sort of enjoyment looking at my findings. Please say hello! I love meeting new friends."

Oh, Little Rabbit - A sweet husband and wife team run the Oh, Little Rabbit shop. The couple, that resides in the beautiful Northwest, hand prints their sweet designs on t-shirts, accessories, journals, and home goods. All of their items are unique, and are printed on only the best fabrics (my scarf is made by American Apparel).

Adorable You Vintage - "Thrift shopping has become a big part of my life in the past few years, and I thought I should share that with the world! 
I love vintage because there are endless possibilities in what you can find. I also love that vintage pieces have been previously loved by other adorable yous, and now they can be passed on and loved again. 
I only buy items that have not been significantly damaged. Any minor flaws will be noted in the description. I want to provide you with the best vintage shopping experience!"

Bird Trouble - "hello! i'm alexz. chicago born, midwest raised, chicago resident. squirrel, thrifting, and sewing/painting/sketching lover. visually inspired, adventure craver, organized dreamer. i own, design, and run Bird Trouble, a little handmade goodness. i'm a little part of the virtual world but i hope to inspire everyone who stops by."

Shannon Bear - "This is just a project to find the beautiful, inspiring, or uplifting in everyday life. 365 days of beautiful. At least, it stared out that way. Since the beginning of January my blog has grown into a place of photography, experiences, DIY, and the like. I'm enjoying the journey of watching it change and grow as I continue on my journey with my sweet husband! Thanks for stopping by- feel free to leave your comments and thoughts. I'd love to connect with each of you!"



  1. honored to be a part of your sponsors, chelsea! and i'm totally gonna have to check out these other lovelies!!!

  2. love this post :) i love people who gain exposure for their sponsors. i am going to be doing a post like this in a day or two... they take so much time to put together! phew!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. What a bunch of fun bloggers and shops!! I love reading and getting to know other girls out there.

  4. Thanks for doing this, Chelsea!

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