May 15, 2011

Obsessed with the Classics

During the Blogger melt-down a few days ago I lost one post and a few comments from another. So I'm re-blogging these photos and story, and also hoping my comments come back to my other post one day.

Anyways, it's safe to say that I am obsessed with classic, simple looks. I love how wearing a lovely cardigan paired with a cream blouse, dark skinny jeans, and oxfords can make me feel so classic, feminine, and put together.

Reese cardigan: c/o 81 Poppies; Blouse: Target; Jeans: Levi's; Purse: Coach (birthday present); Oxfords: Wanted

Growing up I was taught an important lesson about clothing. My parents always told me that when it came to quality vs. quantity in clothing, quality always won. Well, during my teen years I have say that I really didn't find myself sticking to this rule, but as I got older I realized the importance of quality clothing and now find myself only purchasing items that meet my quality standards. Every once and awhile, though, I will find myself purchasing something that isn't necessarily up to par, but that's life.

I recently received this beautiful Reese cardigan from 81 Poppies, an independent clothing brand based out of Austin, Texas that is the brainchild of Michelle Weisman, a Pratt Institute graduate (very impressive). Michelle told me that for her summer/fall collections she found inspiration in the 1970's, mainly from style icons Lauren Hutton and Ali McGraw. She also found inspiration in the idea of mixing African Tribal patterns with the American classics. I always love finding out the inspiration behind a designers collection, so I loved learning what Michelle had in my while creating each garment in her shop.

This Reese cardigan absolutely meets my standards for a quality garment. It is made out of French terry cloth, and has the prettiest ruffled detail. It's also the perfect weight to wear on a chilly spring morning, or on a cool summer evening. I foresee it making many appearances in my spring/summer wardrobe.

I just love the ruffle detail that goes along the collar. It reminds me of the Victorian era, which I love.

So if you haven't check out 81 Poppies yet, I highly suggest you do. They have some lovely spring/summer pieces in their shop right now. I'm thinking that my next 81 Poppies garment needs to be this amazing dress, it would be perfect for summer and fall. 81 Poppies is also offering you, all my lovely readers, a discount code to her online store, just use the code storenvy for 20 percent off your purchase.

Today I am coming off of my graduate cloud and getting back to the real world. I have lots of emails and blog posts to catch up with, but I'm so excited to share with you all what I've been up to lately!

What are you up to today? What are your thoughts on quality vs quantity?


  1. Such a pretty outfit & girl! Beautiful! :]

  2. The Coach purse is purrrrrdy. I love it!

  3. My summer must is a comfy pair of Toms to throw on and hop on my bike. Love the cardigan and the shoes!

  4. love that cardigan, it's simple but the ruching and ruffle make it special. summer plans- start my internship june 1st so for now living it up! and congrats on graduation! that's big :)

  5. i love how you're classic but always add a tad bit extra! the ruffles on your cardi are just so cute!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  6. That cardigan is wonderful on you :)

    And I agree about the quality vs. quantity debate! I always try to find clothes that are a) of good quality and b) I'll end up using A LOT

    I do admit I have those dresses that I've worn once or twice...but other than those I try to make sure I thoughtfully decide on items before buyin' them.

    Anddd I was studying today haha xD summer class!

  7. I am really loving your bag!! Its really cute!

  8. and im sure you lost my comment about how you own everything i want right now. i have been coveting that bag and now i am in love with a sweater!