May 23, 2011

Scott's Post

Not too long ago Scott and I went to a local mall one evening with the hope of just walking around, and not buying a thing. Well, all of that changed when Scott picked out this perfect jean, button-up shirt from the Gap sale rack and said he thought I should try it on. The outcome, Scott and I both loving the shirt, I ended up purchasing it and taking it home. Since Scott had picked it out I asked him what he would pair it with. He said my new rust/red pants and blue flats would go well with it. Well, since I couldn't find the blue flats I own, my fav sandals took there place and Scott's outfit was born.

Blouse: Gap; Bag: c/o Fabric & Handle; Pants: UO; Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

Having Scott pick out my clothes for the day was awesome. I not only felt great in my outfit, but loved knowing that Scott picked it out. All that was left for me to figure out was which purse to carry with it, so I decided to break one of those fashion rules, ya know, the no denim-on-denim rule, with my new tote from Fabric & Handle.

Fabric & Handle was founded in 2006 by Salinya Suthinarakorn. Her mission was to create well designed, useful and stylish bags. Her staffers work with a small team of tailors and leather workers in order to guarantee the quality of their handmade bags. They believe that besides good design, it's craftsmanship and attention to detail that make the difference (which I love). I have to say that I'm just smitten with my tote, and I love that you can adjust the length of the straps by just pulling them off, and re-snapping them in their new spot. I have a feeling this is going to be my carry-all summer bag.

I just love the bow detail on this top! I feel like it makes a masculine piece look very feminine (my very favorite combo).

Today I'm still healing up from my wisdom teeth surgery, but doing very well. I'm having another small procedure done on my feet today, and then Wednesday I'm getting my two stitches taken out of my mouth. By the end of this I'm going to be happy not to go to a doctors office for a bit (although, I do need to see an allergist this summer).

I'm hoping to make the best of today. I'm thinking either a breakfast or lunch date is in order, and maybe a movie as well.

What are you up to today? How do you feel about denim on denim outfits?


  1. I love your sandals!

    I'm studying like crazy today because I've got an important test on wednesday. Blegh. Can't wait till it's wednesday evening and I can hangout with my boyfriend.

    And on the case of denim on denim. It's ok I guess. It's not really my cup of tea. If you choose your clothing well it can be great, but I always feel like a teacher when I try it ;-).

  2. That shirt is amazing! The bow is SUPER flattering on you. Great outift. And aww what a cute story to go with it.

    Good luck with your teeth!!!


  3. i LOVE the big bow on your top - that is SO fun!!!! i'm also loving that bag too. so cute!!

  4. I love it! you look so cute. And I think you can work the denim on denim look


  5. Ohmygosh Chels you look SO adorable! I love this one.

  6. ouiii wisdom teeth, i had an awful experience. but you'll make it :) and this top!! so incredible. scott is the greatest

  7. Loving this outfit! Goooo Scott!! I ask Ryan to pick out my outfits sometimes and he always does a great job too. Boys are the best!

    That bag is the bomb!

  8. That shirt with your longs hair makes you look like a 1970s goddess! Love it!

  9. Love that shirt! I've been looking for blouses with retro style bow details like that. Now I know where to get one!

    Little Acorns

  10. That blouse is great! They've had some pretty cool denim pieces in the store recently :)

  11. I'm a bow girl so I'm automatically in love with that little button up! And I love that Scott picked it all out- good job Scott! That is one thing that I haven't tried yet with Nate.. it'd be really interesting to see what he would pick out if I just said- "Hey.. go to my closet and come back with an outfit!" .. gonna try that one soon!

  12. ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell Scott he did GREAT!!! I love that outfit!

  13. I would definitely say boyfriend has good taste and the shirt was a quality purchase. I definitely love the bow. My mister is pretty good at picking out items for me as well.

  14. Your shirt is darling! I love having my boy pick out my outfits, too.

  15. Go SCOTT GO! Love the outfit and I have been hunting for the perfect red pants and you found them! Adorable Chels!