May 29, 2011

Taliesin West Part Two

Scott and I's trip to Taliesin West was awesome, and way overdue. I am so happy that we were finally able to go once our busy school schedules calmed down. The homes and landscape that we saw were beautiful, and unique. Here is a few peeks at what we saw:

These were everywhere! Our tour guide said Frank Lloyd Wright purchased these guys, along with hundreds of others, while on a trip to San Francisco. He put them throughout all of Taliesin West.

Our view of the Valley.

Pretty pool (not of the swimming type).

A huge Asian influence could be seen throughout Taliesin West.

These windows were so unique!

Scott and I both really enjoyed our tour of Taliesin West. We loved learning about the history behind the buildings, and the school, and enjoyed admiring all the neat design work that surrounded us.

Have you ever heard of/been to Taliesin West?


  1. This tour looks amazing! I've never heard of Taliesin West though I am a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright's work and general design style. Thanks for sharing some of the highlights!

  2. We recently watched a great PBS documentary about FLW, and if you like historical fiction/FLW, you should consider reading Loving Frank and/or The Women. I would love to get out to Taliesin someday. In the meantime, we saw a lot of Wright's work when we were in Chicago a year ago. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. WHAT. I've never heard of this but it looks fantastic!