May 17, 2011

Windsor & Churn

Last week after Scott and I finished our last day of classes, so we decided to celebrate with a nice lunch together. Per my friend Carrie's suggestion, we checked out Windsor, a new restaurant from the owners of Postinos (for all your PHX residents). Scott and I were both really excited to try out the food, and see the restaurant ( I heard it was super chic and cute).

Blueberry lemonade! It was amazing!

Scott had a crab cake BLT and a side of mac and cheese. Both were delicious.

I had a veggie wrap with a side of coleslaw. Both were seriously good!

The restaurant itself is full of quirks, like this cassette tape wall:

Connected to Windsor is Churn, a sweet, old school style bakery and ice cream shop. Even though we were both pretty full, I insisted that we try something from Churn (ya know, for good measure).

Scott got a "everything but the kitchen sink" cookie, and I got a oatmeal and apricot cookie. Scott also tried their peanut butter ice cream, something I heard they are known for.

Not gonna lie, their bathroom was super cute.

All in all Scott and I really enjoyed Windsor and Churn and will definitely be going back in the future. Both places were moderately priced, and I just love the atmosphere of both places.

Have you checked out Windsor or Churn yet? What's your favorite restaurant in your town?


  1. Oh that restaurant looks so fun! And the food looks delicious! Too bad I don't live close enough to check it out myself...I mean, a cassette tape wall?!? Brilliant!

    Your pictures are wonderful as always. :-)

  2. this place looks incredible!
    looove that cassette wall especially - and bathroom pics are the best!

  3. How adorable! The food looks amazing and the crab cake blt is totally up my ally! YUM! I love that you took pictures of the bathroom! Whenever I find a cute bathroom I always wish I could tell people about it-- "no really their bathroom is adorable" doesn't seem to work its way into conversation most of the time! Haha!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  4. i dont know if im more obsessed with blueberry lemonade or the cassette wall!


  5. Definitely going to check this out. My fiance will appreciate that it's attached to an ice cream and bakery shop :)

    We tried Matt's Big Breakfast for the first time on Easter and liked it. Their honey lemonade was so yummy.

    Our go-to spot is Sun Up Brewery.

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  6. Blueberry lemonade! Yum! :) I love that cassette wall. I put one of your buttons on my blog :) It was too cute, I had to add one! Hope all is well!

  7. I love going to quirky little cafes. I live in a smaller town, so my choice of eateries is limited to chain restaurants, unfortunately. If I'm ever in Phoenix I will have to find Windsor!


  8. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN :) So excited for you!
    Ah, that place looks so cool! I love all those tapes in the back...need to go.

    ps. this is my new blog!

    my other one got deleted by accident :(

  9. mmm that prink drink looks yummy, and i loveee that 50 mm :)

    <3 steffy
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  10. That place looks too cute and yummy!

  11. Ah everything sounds and looks so good!! :) !

    My favorite place in town is a Mexican restaurant my one friend works at. The food is so authentic and just well-made.

  12. YUMMM! I love when a new place is cute and delicious! Can't wait to try! You look beautiful per usual!

  13. i've been dying to go check it out, and this made me even more excited!