June 2, 2011

81 Poppies // Get Dressed Summer 2011

Good afternoon everyone!
I wanted to do a little post today on this awesome video that Kembrel.com, a private shopping site for college students, made featuring clothing from my lovely sponsor, 81 Poppies. The video is fun, spunky and makes me want to get all dolled up for summer outings.
81 Poppies is going to be offering a coupon that can be purchased through Kembrel.com that gives you 25% off of 81 Poppies merchandise. Remember this pretty cardigan I wore from 81 Poppies? It's one of my new favorites and definitely a summer staple.

Hope you enjoyed the video! It's a fun watch!


  1. Such a fun video!! and I'm excited to check out the site!!

  2. i love 81 poppies! michelle is the sweetest :)

  3. Ooo Kembrel really is members-only...I'm fascinated.