June 3, 2011

Avon Hill

This week I'm in the tiny town of Avon, CO. Avon is about ten minutes outside of the famous ski resort town Vail, CO. Avon has lots of nice trees, and the prettiest river going through it. I've been spending my days here venturing around in the beautiful scenery, sipping iced coffee and taking photos along the way.

Just a quick side note: from now on I will be posting my outfit details at the bottom of the post on the left-hand side. So check there for all the details on today's outfit!

The last time I was in Avon it was December and a blizzard was just about to hit. My family stopped in to pick up portabello mushroom burgers, parmesan and truffle oil fries, and hand squeezed lemonade at Lark Burger on our way back home to Phoenix after my dad's surgery, and week long stay in Vail, CO.

Well nowadays the sun is shining, the trees are grass are oh so green, and the scenery just keeps taking my breathe away. Since the town is tiny, I know most of the area pretty well. My family has been coming here for at least five years now and every year I enjoy taking in the forrest like atmosphere, something I don't really get to experience in Phoenix.

I felt like this outfit was perfect for going on an afternoon adventure in Avon. This pretty Mixie dress is made out of the loveliest fabric, and the cut is just right for my body type (and personal style). The whole look felt so put together once I slipped on my new Casita Blowfish Shoes sandals, and draped my European, souvenir scarf on my shoulders, in a laid back, bohemian summer kind of way, of course.

This outfit is definitely my favorite of my so-far summer looks. I see some repetition in my near future.

Today I'm going to listen, and take in the new Death Cab album, which I bought on CD and vinyl (can't wait to listen to it on Scott and I's record player when I get back to Phoenix), take myself on an iced coffee date, and maybe go on a walk down by the river. Oh, and mostly definitely rejoice in the fact that last night Scott and I bought his plane ticket for him to come see me in Colorado! We will be reunited on the 4th of July! My heart can hardly wait!

Have you heard the new Death Cab yet? What's your ultimate summer outfit?

Outfit details:
Summer scarf: Bought in Europe years ago
Button ring: gift from Vivi Dot



  1. Oh you look so beautiful. Your days sound so pleasant. I think I need to take myself on an iced coffee date today too. :-)

  2. SO lovely. I love wearing scarves and flowy dresses during the summer. And that cute little flower you stick in your hair is the perfect touch. :)

    We're actually listening to the new Death Cab in our room in the office today. We're all fans of the new sound.

    This was one great outfit post! You make me want to blog outfit photos.

  3. I thought your scarf was a vest in the first picture and it looked SO cute! well, I mean the scarf is still really cute as a scarf too:)

  4. you are too cute!!

    ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/

  5. Love the light, summery feel of all the neutrals! The new Death Cab is awesome! Some boys is my favorite. I love that they're constantly reinventing themselves but you can always recognize that it's them.

  6. That outfit is so cute on you. Very summery. I've never heard of Avon. It looks pretty and lushy-green though :)

    And yay for seeing Scott in a few weeks! Everything will be fine. :)

    and I didn't even know Death Cab came out with a new cd lol!xD

  7. You look gorgeous, and the new Death Cab album - YES!!! So good. I love them so very much!

    Katie x

  8. you are so pretty. love this, friend! and i've been eyeing those blowfish shoes. actually i think i eye them all - hehe - but those are so cute!

  9. Dear Chelsea you always look so lovely! It's a pleasure to read your blog, you've got interesting thoughts and inspiring pictures. xx


  10. Death Cab's new album is pretty rad! It's definitely a much more mature sound though. I saw them at Sasquatch last week and cried the whole time I was so excited.



  11. Such a cute summer dress! I can see why this look is among your favorites. <3

  12. this outfit is soooo perfectly summery! adore it!