June 6, 2011

Blue Jean Baby

My love obsession with jean is no secret. I'm a huge fan of denim and wear it almost daily. To me, denim is so classic in chic. Everything I look for in a good outfit.

These photos were taken before I left Phoenix. It was a perfect warm evening and the sun was setting on my sweet town.

Long ago I received the sweetest package from a new friend and this pretty little head scarf was in it. Today that new friend is a great friend, and Courtney is one of the sweetest people I know. I already can't wait to have a coffee date with her when I get home.

Lately I've been really digging this vintage scarf in the hair thing. The other morning I was running late and needed to get dressed in a hurry. Since my hair was fairly dirty (second day it's already a greasy mess, even in cool weather) I just pulled it up and tied my favorite red, blue, and yellow vintage scarf in it. I instantly felt better about my hair and walked out the door.

Today I'm heading to Palisade, CO (right outside of Grand Junction). Palisade is famous for their peaches, and is super close to my fav city of Grand Junction. I plan on spending some time in Grand Junction this week, eating at my favorite bagel shop, getting iced coffee at my fav local coffee shop, and hopefully attending their farmer's market (although I might wait until Scott gets here because last year we went together and it just felt like our thing).

What do you think about scarves in your hair? Have you ever been to Grand Junction before?

Outfit details:
Head scarf from Courtney long ago
Levi's jean jacket
Target shirt
Levi's jeans
Hobo clutch
Sofft sandals


  1. Your hair! I love your hair! It looks so great in that scarf. Good luck on your trip today!

  2. i've been doing the head scarf thing lately too! i haven't tried it with my hair down yet, it looks cute! :)

  3. oh love the clutch - actually love this whole outfit! the scarf in your hair looks darling!

  4. love the head scarf, and totally agree. it's always my go to roadtrip solution, when somehow even if I've showered I feel so gross in a couple hours.

  5. Oh Chelsea! My Mom grew up near Palisade (maybe a 20 min drive down the canyon?) in a tiny little ranching town called DeBeque. We would go there almost every Summer for peaches and cherries on the way into GJ for shopping. My aunt also had her first apartment there when she was doing her student teaching :)

    I don't know if it's still there, but Planet Earth behind Main St. in Grand Junction is a really amazing vintage store (a little pricey, but I got some of my most favorite, stellar pieces..ones I will never part with... there!)

    Ok, wow...way too long! Have SO much fun! That place holds so many beautiful memories for me <3

  6. Super cute :) I wore a jean jacket the other day for the first time in years and it was amazing, I love your dark denim. And thank you for the GRE good luck :)

  7. Cute! I like your clutch it looks playful

  8. ontheblock vintage link is messed up on the right --->

  9. Hmm I've never worn a scarf in my hair, but it looks really cute on you! The purple contrasts beautifully with your hair.

    I think if I found the right color and fabric scarf, then I would wear it.


  10. I love this outfit, especially the scarf-- it adds such a pretty, summery touch! I'm a big fan of hair scarves at the moment, because I have short-ish permed hair and both the length and the perm are growing out. So the top of my hair is straight, and the bottom is BIG. not an especially flattering look. Scarves give a boost of volume to the top and keep the crazy curls somewhat under control!

    In a totally unsubtle segue, I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a gift certificate to my etsy shop! It's here: http://julierosesews.wordpress.com/2011/06/01/etsy-shop-giveaway-yay/

    have a lovely evening!

  11. great outfit + I love that clutch bag + cool and casual.

  12. You look stunning and classy and and and -- I really love this whole get up.

  13. aww! love the scarf! you look darling!

  14. You look so cute with that scarf in your hair. I love it!