June 27, 2011

Delta Mural

The best thing about small towns is that they usually are full of quirks. In Delta, Colorado, they have murals painted throughout the town, each one unique in its own way. The other day I was driving by this mural featuring the different farming towns in the area, and just thought it was too pretty not to photograph.

I just love everything about this mural. The colors, drawings of local fruit, and all the different designs involved. It's like a giant advertisement for local Colorado fruit and produce! What a cute way to show off the state's local pride!

On another note, a few weeks back I entered a giveaway on the Calivintage blog and ended up winning my very own pair of Kork Ease Bette sandals. I had been coveting these sandals, and pretty much every pair of shoes made by this company for quite some time now, so when I found out I won my heart swelled with excitement!

After picking out my color of choice ( I went with the T-Moro), my sandals arrived quickly at my doorstep. When I opened up the box I was very impressed by how pretty (and tall) the sandals were. They're made out of gorgeous leather, and pretty suede.

They are a wonderful pair of sandals and I foresee them lasting for many years to come. Have I mentioned that the company has been around since 1953? I just love companies that have some history behind them!

This week I'm heading to Paonia, CO (if you look at the mural you can see the towns name plus a cherry, which the town is famous for). The town is very, very small, but they do have one of the cutest coffee shops I've ever been to. There are lots of pretty trees, and beautiful historic homes that give off the perfect small town feel.

Until next Monday when Scott gets here (!!!) I will be sipping iced coffee and hot lattes (they make this best at this little coffee shop), taking walks around the adorable neighborhoods, hitting up a few sidewalk sales, and planning out Scott and I's adventures while he's here! I already can't wait!

What do you like about small towns? Do you own a pair of Kork Ease Sandals? Have you ever heard of them before?

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Gift from my mom
Dress: Levi's
Bette Sandals in T-Moro: c/o Kork Ease (won in a giveaway from Calivintage)



  1. That mural is amazing!! Wow I love the colors! Small towns are great that way...you think they will be completely boring and then bam! something you never expected! I guess that's like my own hometown.

    You look lovely! I've never heard of Kork Ease sandals, but I will definitely be looking them up!

    Happy Monday to you! :)

  2. Great shoes!! and they look comfy :)

  3. that dress is cute! i love levi's stuff.

  4. That mural is amazing! So colourful, I bet it's a pleasure to drive past every day!

    And congrats on winning the sandals, they're pretty and look sturdy. Bet they last you a very long time.

    Polly ♥


  5. Awesome mural! When I lived in Philadelphia, I used to work for the city painting murals. This post made me miss that job <3

  6. SUCH a cute outfit!! I love everything about it. Those wedges are fabulous, you are so lucky to have won them. I'm definitely going to look into them.

  7. Those sandals are great! They look super luxe and high-quality :) Your outfits are always so cute!

  8. wow that is amazing you won the giveaway, lucky you! & you look adorable & that dress & your long flowy hair : ) what a pretty mural, I wish more towns had mural like that.

  9. I love your outfit. That dress is so pretty and summery and the mural is a wonderful background.

  10. LOVE the mural. What a fun thing for a town! And I love the sandals too...they look great with your dress.

  11. I love small towns too. Things like that mural just make even the most unknown towns significant and special.

    the oBITCHuaries

  12. I love love love your shoes! I've been wanting something of the like. I also like your dress... WAIT... Goshh... I love your outfit in general.

    And the murals are so lovely and retro looking. I would totally take photos there too!

    -robots in trouble

  13. I think I love little farmers markets in small towns the best. Adorable outfit, I love your dress.

  14. I really love this outfit! Those colors look really great on your! I have not heard of those shoes, but now I'm going to have to look into it :)

  15. Ah I love the mural and was going to mention the cherries when you mentioned it! :D

    So glad for Scott to come in and you two get to spend time together! Also congrats on winning the sandals! So snazzy and oh so pretty because of the leather. :)

    I do love small towns! My town is relatively small that all the YA in it complain about it. Hahah xD my favorite thing is knowing the history about it and appreciating it for the small quirks and stores and landmarks that aren't going to be anywhere else. :) oh and yes, I've heard of Kork Ease! Sooo nice

  16. ooooo lucky you!!! i wish i'd won those shoes, they GORGeous!

    meanwhile, you are soo right about murals in small towns - mine is full of pretty ones too!!